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Check out the MGM Rewards web portal (previously login and account access-related information including accessing the rewards account, and troubleshooting the account.

Check out how the MGM Resorts Rewards program works. What are the benefits of this rewards program? How to join and create an online account and check the rewards points status?

MGM MLife Rewards Program

MGM Resorts offers a loyalty program known as MGM Rewards (Formerly M Life Rewards). All members who are enrolled in the Rewards program can visit any one of the 16 MGM Resorts locations and earn rewards for all types of spending such as hotel, dining, gaming, entertainment, etc.

This loyalty program is available for all customers who wish to participate in the program and want to earn benefits on every purchase of hotel, dining, restaurant, spa, games, etc. On every spend, members will earn Slot Dollars, MGM Rewards, and Tier Credits.

Members can also redeem their reward points at any MGM location by using any service.

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MGM Tier Credits:

MGM Rewards members earn tier credits based on their gameplay and certain non-gaming purchases at participating MGM Rewards destinations.

MGM Tier Credits earned during the tier status benefits year are used to determine the member’s Tier Status. Members need to earn a minimum number of tier credits to achieve a tier status.

MGM Rewards Points:

MGM Rewards Points are the loyalty currency of the MGM Rewards program and are earned when a member spends for games, dining, booking, etc at participating MGM Rewards destinations.

There are a few other activities and transactions that also help a member to earn Rewards points including BetMGM Gaming platforms.

Members can redeem their MGM Rewards Points for different types of benefits available through the rewards program.

MGM Rewards Tier Status:

There is a 5 Tier status program Sapphire, Pearl, GoldPlatinum, and NOIR and the status is determined by the total Tier credits earned. Each tier status comes with a few exclusive benefits.

All earned Tier Credits will be valid for one year (from 1st January to 31st December). Your Tier credits balance will be zero on the 1st of January every year.

Tier Status will be determined as mentioned below.

StatusTier Credits requiredFeatured tier benefits
SapphireUp to 19,999Earn MGM Rewards Points
Guaranteed Lowest Room Rates
Discounts To Select Shows
Pearl20,000Bonus Slot Dollars
FREE Self-Parking
FREE MGM Rewards Concerts
Gold75,000Resort Fee Waived
$100 Tier Status Dining Credit
*75k Tier Credits Required
Free Enhanced Room Upgrade
Platinum2,00,000Up To $600 Air Travel Credit
*200k Tier Credits Required
$200 Tier Status Dining Credit
*200k Tier Credits Required
Annual Complimentary Cruise
*200k Tier Credits Required
NOIRInvite onlyUp to $1,200 Air Travel Credit
For Qualifying NOIR
$500 Tier Status Dining Credit
For Qualifying NOIR
Complimentary Transportation

Every member gets Sapphire status and moves to a higher status as per the earned Tier credits. NOIR Tier status will be an invite-only.

In short…

  • All new members start from the Sapphire tier status level.
  • 20,000-74,999 status points are required to achieve Pearl tier status.
  • 75,000-1,99,999 status points are required to achieve Gold tier status.
  • 2,00,000+ status points are required to achieve Platinum tier status.
  • An invitation is required to achieve NOIR tier status.

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MGM Rewards Card:

When a member joins the MGM Rewards program, a membership card is issued called an ‘MGM Rewards Card’. It is an important part of the rewards program and linked to all program benefits including tier credits, rewards points, tier status, etc.

To earn rewards points, Slot Dollars, and tier credits, members must use their rewards card every time in a slot machine, video lottery terminal (VLT), electronic table game (ETG), or share with a concerned person while doing any casino activity including both gaming and non-gaming activities.


Different types of benefits are available as per your Tier status. Employees will get exclusive benefits and discounts for Entertainment, Dining, restaurants, hotels, Transportation, Shopping, gaming, spending, and service access.

Members having a higher tier status are likely to earn more reward points and other benefits. Please visit MGM Rewards Gold, Pearl, Platinum Tier Benefits to compare all benefits for different Tier Status.

How to join the MGM Rewards Program?

If you want to enroll in the MGM Rewards program then you can do this through different ways such as visiting the official website, downloading the mobile app, or visiting an MGM Rewards Destination. You will have to accept the Program Terms and Conditions.

Join through the official website:

  • Visit the official website at
  • Click the Join Now link.
  • On the next page, enter your email address and click the Next button.
  • Provide all required information and create an online account.
  • You will have to create a password to access your online account.

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Join through any MGM destination:

Visit any nearest MGM Rewards destination and request to join the rewards program. You will have to share a valid photo identification. After joining, you will receive your MGM Rewards card. Members can also start using their Sapphire tier status benefits just after the sign-up.

Join through the mobile app:

Download the MGM Rewards mobile app and join the rewards program. The MGM Resorts Mobile App provides a facility to enroll in the Rewards program.

After enrollment, members can also view their rewards balance and redeem them by spending at any MGM location directly through the mobile app.

MGM Rewards members can also check their MGM Rewards Tier Credits, Points, and MGM Rewards Points balances.

Note: More details about the mobile app and download links are available below.

Note: A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is associated with all MGM Rewards accounts that members create at the time of enrollment. The PIN is required every time a member makes a transaction. It is advised to keep your login credentials and PIN secure to protect your account.

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MGM Rewards Login

Existing members can log in to their accounts and check their account balance such as total tier credits, rewards points, current tier status, the required number of tier credits to earn a higher tier status, and other information.

There are two different ways to access your MGM Rewards account as mentioned below.

  1. MGM Rewards Login
  2. MGM Resorts Mobile App Login

Let’s check out the details of each login process below.

MGM Rewards Login

If you have already enrolled in the MGM Rewards program and created an online account then you can visit the official website and login into your account. Please follow the below steps.

  • Visit the official website or
  • Click on any link and you will be directed to the MGM Rewards web page on the MGM Resorts website.
  • Click the Sign In or Join link on the top right side.
  • On the next page, enter your email address and click the Next button.
  • Enter your password and access your account.

MGM Rewards Mobile App Login

The MGM Resorts Mobile App is an easy and convenient way to access all the useful account-related information, current booking, and new orders capability for dining, entertainment, and other offerings.

The mobile app also offers additional login security features such as facial scan lock or fingerprint scan lock.

How to download the mobile app?

Please click the below links to download the official MGM Rewards mobile app.

PlatformDownload linkCurrent version
AndroidClick here8.14.0
iOSClick here8.14.0

Mobile app benefits:

MGM Rewards mobile app allows all members to access the below services directly from their smartphone.

  • Customers can check their MGM Rewards balance, current progress, and other rewards-related information.
  • Customers can book the hotel, dining reservations, entertainment, etc anytime at any MGM Resorts destination.
  • Customers can easily plan their trip by using the new “Trips Tab”.
  • The mobile app makes it very simple to check in and check out directly from the mobile app.
  • Members can check in 24 hours before they arrive and directly check out without even visiting the front desk.
  • Members can use their smartphone as a digital key and unlock their rooms.
  • Get information about 400 restaurants and 65 venues of MGM Resorts.

Mobile app login:

Customers can log in to the MGM Rewards mobile app by entering the same login credentials that they use to access their account on the web portal.

Account Recovery:

In case members forgot the password of their MGM Rewards account then simply visit the login page and enter your email address. On the next page, click the forgot password link and follow further instructions to reset your password.

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MGM Rewards Mastercard

MGM Rewards Mastercard is another way to get the most out of your MGM Rewards membership. You will get the Pearl Status automatically once you get the Mastercard you will also earn Tier Credits and Mastercard points on every purchase made through MGM Mastercard.

After that approval, members will get a new MGM Rewards Mastercard issued by First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO).

Later you can redeem your Mastercard points for slot dollars or MGM Rewards points.

Complimentary Benefits:

All new members will get the opportunity to earn 10,000 bonus points which has a $100 value if they spend $1,000 in their first three billing cycles.

Key benefits:

  • Earn 3X Points and Tier Credits per $1 spent at MGM Rewards Destinations. It means that for every $100 spent, members will get $3 worth of points for spending at MGM Resorts.
  • Earn 2X Points and Tier Credits per $1 spent on gas & supermarket purchases. It means that for every $100 spent, members will get $2 worth of points for spending gas & supermarket purchases.
  • Earn 1x Point and Tier Credit per $1 spent everywhere else including on BetMGM Deposits.

How Existing Users Can Activate Their MGM Rewards Accounts?

If you are an existing MGM Rewards member but you haven’t activated your online account then you can activate that by visiting the official website.

Although members can start using their MGM Rewards card just after the signup at any MGM Rewards destination, members need to activate their online account if they want to take advantage of the benefits online account offers.

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click the Sign In link on the top right side.
  3. On the next page, enter your email address and click the Next button.
  4. After that, activate your account by sharing your account information.

MGM Rewards (M Life Rewards) Helpline Number

For more information about the MGM Rewards programs, program rules, Rewards Points, Tier Credits earning, and redemption-related information, please speak to the customer service team at 1-866-789-6716.

MGM Rewards Program Summary:

Name of the loyalty programMGM Rewards
Previously known asM Life Rewards
Offered byMGM Resorts International
Account Access ModeOnline
Mobile appAvailable
Number of tiers5
Entry level tierSapphire
Highest tierNOIR
BeneficiaryAll eligible MGM Resorts customers
ObjectiveTo provide customers benefits and rewards for all types of spending at MGM Resorts destinations
Official new
Old website

Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum MGM Rewards Points limit a member can earn?

There is a limit on the maximum Rewards points members can earn through the MGM Rewards Program. Members having Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, and Platinum Tier status can earn a maximum of $5,000 Rewards balance. Members having NOIR status can earn a maximum of $10,000 Rewards balance.

Once a member reaches the above limit, no further reward points will be awarded to customers. it is advised to customers to log in to their MGM Rewards accounts and keep track of their rewards balance.

Please keep in mind that if a member already has the points up to the maximum threshold then the member will not get any further benefit. It will help members to decide if they have to spend more at MGM Resorts or not.

What if I forgot my PIN?

Customer can reset their PIN by visiting any Guest service. Please present valid government-issued identification proof having the same name as written on your MGM Rewards Card. Guest service will reset your PIN and you can again use your Rewards card.

What if my MGM Rewards Card is stolen?

If a member loses his MGM Rewards card then immediately inform customer service and block access to your card. Members can visit any MGM Rewards guest service at any participating location and share identification proof to get a duplicate MGM Rewards Card.

Please note that MGM Resorts will not be responsible for any loss that occurs due to the Rewards Card loss. It is members’ responsibility to keep their rewards card safe.

What is a Tier Status Earning Year in the MGM Rewards Program?

A Tier status earning year is the annual duration when a member earns tier credits. In the MGM Rewards program, the Tier status earning year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st every year.

The total number of tier credits earned by the member during a tier status earning year is used to determine the Tier status of the following Tier status benefit year.

For example, if a member earns 20,000 tier credits in a tier status earning year then the member will enjoy the Pearl tier status and all associated benefits for the next entire year.

On January 1st of every year, the tier credit balance resets and starts from zero after determining the tier status for the next year. It does not impact the member’s tier status but members need to earn tier credits again.

What is a Tier Status Benefit Year in the MGM Rewards Program?

A Tier status benefit year is the annual duration in which members enjoy the tier status and its benefits that they achieved with the help of the tier credits earned in the previous tier status earning year.

Tier status benefit year starts on February 1st and ends on January 31st every year. Tier Credits accumulated during a Tier Status Earning Year determine a member’s Tier Status for the following Tier Status Benefit Year.

As we shared an example in the last FAQ, if a member earns 20,000 tier credits in a tier status earning year then the member will enjoy the Pearl tier status from February 1st next year to January 31st next to next year.

In short, Tier status earning year and tier status benefit year are two different durations. Tier status earning year duration is January 1st to December 31st every year and tier status benefit year duration is February 1st to January 31st every.

Do Slot Dollars and MGM Rewards expire?

It depends on the member’s tier status. A member at the entry-level tier status (Sapphire tier status) may lose all the earned rewards points and slot dollars if there is no activity on the member’s MGM Rewards account for the six-month duration.

Points do not expire for the members at Pearl or higher tier level. Points also do not expire if a member has the MGM Mastercard. If someone has approved for the MGM Rewards Mastercard then he will be automatically awarded the Pearl tier status which helps members to retain all the slot dollars and rewards points.

How much is 1 tier credit at MGM?

Members will earn tier credits and rewards points on spending at participating hotel outlets, and food & beverage outlets where members will earn 4 tier credits and 1 rewards point on every $1 spent.

Members also earn tier credits and rewards points on their gaming spending but MGM Resorts does not share any data about points calculation on gaming activity.

It lacks transparency here as members need to do a manual calculation about how they earn rewards points and tier credits based on their gaming spending.


We have shared all the important information about the MGM Loyalty Program We have shared the step-by-step process of how to activate and sign up for a new account and how to log into your account securely and easily.

We have also shared the features and benefits of the MGM Rewards loyalty program including the Tier status and benefits of each status, MGM Mastercard details, MGM Rewards mobile app details, etc.

We hope you will find this article helpful. Finally, thanks for visiting our website and reading this article.

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