Mohegan SUN Momentum Rewards Card Login, Sign Up 2024

Momentum Rewards is the Loyalty Program of Mohegan Sun and is available for participating casino and hotel brands including Mohegan Sun Connecticut, Mohegan Pennsylvania, Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Ilani Resorts, and Mohegan Casino at Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Members earn Momentum Dollars that they can redeem at any participating location for dining, shopping, entertainment, hotels, spas, and golf courses.

In this article, we are going to share how the Momentum Rewards Program works, how members can sign up and log in to their accounts, how to earn Momentum Dollars and redeem them, How to earn higher Momentum status, what the benefits and offers available for members.

Momentum Rewards by Mohegan SUN

Mohegan Sun is the home of some exciting destinations for dining, shopping, hotel accommodations, live entertainment, sporting events, etc. Customers also enjoy best-in-class Casinos, world-class meeting facilities, pocket rooms, live concerts, etc.

To make the fun more exciting, Mohegan Sun offers the Momentum Rewards program to all customers that allows customers to save money and get exclusive program facilities including discounted prices and access to exclusive facilities including special events, VIP lounges, private sales, etc.

Customers earn Dollars on their spending that they can redeem at Mohegan Sun.

Let’s check out the key points of the Momentum loyalty program below.

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Momentum Dollars, Status Points, Card

Mohegan Sun Let’s check out some key features of the Momentum loyalty program.

Momentum Status Points:

All members earn status points every time they play games at any participating Mohegan Sun location. Status Points are used to determine the Momentum status level of a member. Higher status points result in higher status.

  • Status Points are not related to status level and are earned at the same rate for all statuses.
  • Status Points are valid until each qualifying period and will be reset to zero once a new qualifying period starts.

Qualifying Period:

Momentum rewards use two qualifying periods in a year. Each qualifying period is six months long. Qualifying periods are April through September and October through March.

Momentum Dollars:

Apart from the Momentu status, members also earn Momentum Dollars through Gaming at Momentum participating locations. 1 Momentum Dollar will be redeemed for 1$ if members use it to purchase at any of Mohegan Sun shops or restaurants.

  • Momentum Dollars are valid for 1 year and will expire after 12 months of inactivity.
  • Unlike Momentum status, Momentum Dollars are not earned at a flat rate for all members.
  • Members having a higher Momentum status earn higher Momentum Dollars.
  • Members can redeem their Dollars at any participating location including Mohegan Sun Pocono, Resorts Casino Hotel, etc.

Momentum Status:

There are five different membership levels in the Momentum Loyalty Program called Momentum Status.

  • Core
  • Ignite
  • Leap
  • Ascend
  • Soar

All new members will get a complimentary Core status and access to the associated benefits.

Members need to earn status points to achieve higher status levels.

The minimum number of status points required to achieve a specific Momentum status is mentioned below.

Momentum Status levelRequired Status Points

In short…

  • All new members start from the Core status.
  • 400-599 status points are required to get Ignite status.
  • 600-1,399 status points are required to get Leap status.
  • 1,400-3,999 status points are required to get Ascend status.
  • 4,000+ status points are required to get Soar status.

Triumph Status: A sixth Triumph status is also available but only through invitation or management discretion. Information about the Triumph status will be shared only if a member gets an invitation to join it.

How to Earn a Higher Momentum Status?

Mohegan Sun uses a proprietary and confidential method to rate a player based on the Slot or Table Games play. This rating allows players to earn Status Points. Status points are ultimately used to determine the Momentum status of a member.

As it is a confidential rating system, we can not say how much approximate amount a player can wager for a slot or video poker to achieve a specific Momentum status. 

Momentum Card:

Once a customer joins the Momentum rewards program, a momentum card is given to him. This card is used to earn Momentum Dollars, status points, etc, and also used to redeem Dollars.

Different Momentum cards are available for different statuses.

Momentum StatusMomentum Card
CoreCore status card
IgniteIgnite status card
LeapLeap card
AscendAscend status card
SoarSoar status card

To earn Dollars and status points, Members must use their Momentum card every time they play games, order food, purchase anything, etc

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How to Sign Up and Login to Momentum Mohegan Sun?

How to Sign Up for Momentum Mohegan Sun??

You can not join the Momentum Mohegan Sun program online. You will have to visit any Player’s Club Booth or Momentum Enrollment Kiosk on the property along with a valid government-issued identification proof.

You will get your personalized account, Momentum card, and Momentum account number.

After that, you can visit the official Mohegan Sun website and register an online account. You will have to create your username and password.

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the Mohegan Sun website.
  2. Click the Login link in the top right corner.
  3. Again click the Login link.
  4. On the login page, Click on the “Click here to create your username and password” link.
  5. An online sign-up form will appear on the screen (as shown below).
Mohegan Sun Momentum sign up form
  1. Create a new username and password.
  2. Enter your Momentum Account Number that you got and also enter your date of birth.
  3. Press the Continue button and finish the online sign-up process.

Note: As of now, the Momentum account is different for different Mohegan Sun properties. You will have to create a different account by visiting the different Mohegan Sun property websites mentioned below.

Mohegan Sun Momentum Login

All existing members can access their accounts through the Mohegan Sun website. After login, members can check their Choice Credits, Momentum Dollars/Achievement Awards, etc.

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the Mohegan Sun website.
  2. Click the Login link in the top right corner.
  3. Open the login form by again clicking the Login button or visit the login page directly.
Mohegan Sun Momentum login form
  1. Enter your username and click the Continue button.
  2. Enter your password and access your account.

Note: Mohegan Momentum is using two-factor authentication for enhanced security. Members need to authenticate their login after entering their login credentials. Members will get a security code that they have to enter to authenticate their login.

Momentum login links for other properties.

Please note that you will have to create a separate account on the different websites of each Mohegan Sun participating property. We are sharing the direct login links to access the login page.

Mohegan Sun PropertyMomentum login page
Mohegan Casino at Virgin Hotels Las VegasClick here
Mohegan PennsylvaniaClick here
Mohegan Sun ConnecticutClick here
Fallsview CasinoClick here
Casino NiagaraClick here
Ilani ResortClick here

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Mohegan Sun Momentum Benefits

All members will get exciting opportunities to earn status points, Dollars, exclusive benefits, discounts, promotions, invitations for special events, etc.

Some of the benefits available to all members are mentioned below.

  • Invitations to Events, Promotions, and Tournaments.
  • Access to Play+ Card.
  • Multi-Property Momentum Dollar Use.
  • Momentum Priority Pass (Select Events).
  • Daily Discounted Hotel Rates Available.
  • Resort Fee Waived for Complimentary Rooms.
  • Complimentary Hotel Room in Earth & Sky Towers.
  • Arena Ticket Purchase with Momentum Dollars.
  • Complimentary Tickets for Arena Sports & Entertainment.
  • Access to a travel advisor through Momentum Travel.

Momentum Dollar Accelerators:

Members at Ignite, Leap, Ascend, and Soar status levels get the benefits of Momentum Dollar Accelerators. It means these members will get extra Dollars as per the below criteria.

Momentum StatusDollar Accelerators

How do members get extra Dollars?

  • As per the above table, if a member at the Ascend status gets 100 Momentum Dollars then he will also get 20% extra Dollars. It means the member will get a total of 120 Momentum Dollars.
  • Similarly, a member at the Soar status level will get 125 total Momentum Dollars if he earns 100 Momentum Dollars.
  • Members at the Ignite level will finally get 110 Momentum Dollars if earns 100 Dollars and Members at Leap level will get 115 Dollars.

In short, Momentum Dollar Accelerators helps members to increase the Momentum Dollar earning rate. The earning rate will be higher for those with higher Status.

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Triple Status Points Promotional Offer:

The Triple Status Points promotional offer allows members to earn 3x status points on the promotional day. Triple Status Points promotional offer is available on February 18th, 6:00 am – Midnight.

As per the offer, members will play their favorite games such as slots, table games, or wagers in the Race Book on 18th February. If members earn status points then the 3 times of the earned status points will be awarded to members account after the end of the promotional offer. It’s a great opportunity to accelerate the status points earned and quickly achieve the next status level.

Please note that only status points will get tripped not Momentum Dollars.

How to Earn and Redeem Momentum Dollar?

Different types of spending at Mohegan Sun properties help members earn Dollars and redeem them.

How to Earn?

Earn Momentum Dollars every time you play with your Momentum card or spend at Mohegan Sun properties in different activities.

Members also earn Momentum Dollars on their sports betting or online casino games on Members can start earning Momentum Dollars by linking their Momentum rewards account with

How to Redeem?

Momentum Dollars can be redeemed for purchases at any of Mohegan Sun shops or restaurants, hotels, tickets to a show, golf, and more.

Members can redeem their Dollars at any participating locations at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, Mohegan Pennsylvania in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Mohegan Casino at Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Momentum Partner Offers

Momentum has partnered with different service providers to offer extra benefits to Momentum members.

Supercharged Powered by Mohegan Sun:

If Momentum members purchase trampoline JUMP time purchases and single racing heats through cash or credit then special discounts will be given to all members as shown below.

Member statusDiscount
Leap and Ignite20%
Soar and Ascend25%

Please note that Momentum members can also use Momentum Dollars to purchase at Supercharged but members will not get any discount.

Momentum travel:

Momentum has partnered with Liberty Travel to offer exclusive travel deals and discounts to all members. Momentum members will be assisted by an expert travel consultant who will guide members about travel planning, booking, and other arrangements. Visit here for more information.

Momentum Solar Offer:

Mohegan Sun’s partnership with Momentum Solar provides members an opportunity to save around $600 on their solar installation at their homes. $600 cashback will be provided to members after the Solar power installation.

Note: Momentum members can check their email from time to time for the new partner offers.

Momentum Customer Service

Members can get help from customer service through their online accounts. Members can also fill out the online form by including the issue details they are facing.

Members can also call the below customer service numbers.

Mohegan Pennsylvania1-888-946-4672
Mohegan Sun Connecticut1-888-226-7711
Mohegan Casino at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas1-800-910-2387
Ilani Resort1 877 464 5264

Momentum Loyalty Program Summary:

Name of the loyalty programMomentum Rewards
Offered byMohegan SUN
Account Access ModeOnline
Mobile appNot available
Number of tiers5
Entry level tierCore
Highest tierSoar
BeneficiaryAll eligible Mohegan SUN customers
ObjectiveTo provide exclusive rewards and benefits to customers for their casino activities at Mohegan SUN

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Mohegan Momentum membership?

Momentum membership is completely free of cost. There is no fee members have to pay.

How can I recover my Momentum account username?

Members can follow the below steps to recover their usernames.

-Visit the Momentum login page
-Click the Forgot username link.
-On the next page, enter your email address and click the Send Me a Reminder button.
-You will get an email including your username.

Members can also recover their usernames through a text message.

How to get a Momentum Card?

To get a Momentum Card, customers must join the Momentum loyalty program of Mohegan Sun by providing valid identity proof.

What are the Terms & Conditions of the Momentum Mohegan Sun Rewards Program?

Members are requested to go through the Momentum loyalty program terms & conditions before making any decision. Terms & conditions are different for different Mohegan Sun properties.

Ilani Momentum Terms and Conditions
Mohegan Sun Momentum Terms and Conditions
Mohegan Casino Las Vegas Momentum Terms and Conditions
Mohegan Sun Pennsylvania Momentum Terms and Conditions

What is Momentum Play+?

Momentum Play+ is a cashless payment facility that Momentum members can use to wager for their games. Members can add money to their wagering account. Later members can withdraw the winning amount. Members need to sign up for a Play+ account to receive their Play+ card delivered to their address.

To Sign up…
-Login to your Mohegan Sun Momentum account.
-After login, visit the Cashier Page.
-Click the Add New button next to the Play+ funding option.
-Read all the terms & conditions.
-Check your personal information and enroll in the Play+.
-After the enrollment, members can add funds into their Play+ account.

Please note that members will be charged for the ATM withdrawal and bank transfer from their Play+ account.


To sum up, The momentum loyalty program by Mohegan Sun is a gateway to exciting benefits and perks for all members. Its tiered status system including Core, Ignite, Leap, Ascend, and Soar levels makes it more exciting by providing status level-specific benefits.

Members can earn and redeem Dollars to save on their spending at multiple Mohegan Sun properties. By combining gaming excitement with rewards benefits and perks, Mohegan Sun makes each member visit a more rewarding and exciting experience.

In this article, we have shared all the benefits and facilities this loyalty program offers to members. We have also shared how members can sign up for the Momentum loyalty program, log in to their accounts, and troubleshoot common issues. It also provides a second level of security by implementing two-factor authentication to avoid privacy and data security issues.

Finally, thanks for visiting this website and reading this article. Please share your views or ask questions in the comment section below.

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