Parx Casino My XClub Login, Account Sign Up, Tier Status

We are exploring the MyXClub Rewards Program in this article which is a loyalty program that Parx Casino offers to all customers.

We are also going to share how to join the My XClub Loyalty Program. How to log in and access your XClub account?

Find updated information about the promotional offers for new members, free slot play, sweepstakes entries, points, perks, and more. Let’s check out all the features and benefits MyXClub customers are getting.

What is Parx Casino My XClub Loyalty Program?

Want to know the exciting perks, rewards, and exclusive member benefits the XClub Loyalty Program offers?

MyXClub is a rewards program that improves the overall experience of Parx Casino customers and also provides them the opportunity to earn rewards points, discounts, exclusive deals, promotions, etc.

Comp Dollars:

Comp Dollars is the Parx Casino currency that members earn for their casino gaming and non-gaming activities. Consider it like cash and use it everywhere you like such as restaurants, food and beverage outlets, etc.

Members can earn comp dollars by playing slots, video poker, table games, etc. To check the comp dollar balance, just log in to your online account.

Please note that comp dollars have a validity of 180 days and they will expire if unused within this duration.

Parx Casino XClub Card:

All new members get an XClub Card and all the rewards points and other discounts and deals are linked to it. To earn exclusive rewards, members must play with their XClub card every time they visit Parx Casino.

Insert your XClub card in the slot machine or give it to the concerned person while playing poker or table games. The main point is you must record all your activities through your XClub card if you want to earn comp dollars and status points.

XClub Status Level:

There are different status levels and a different XClub Card is given for each status level. There are 4 different status levels as mentioned below and members must earn a minimum number of points in a 6-month duration to achieve a status level as per the below criteria.

XClub Status LevelNumber of points required
PlayersUp to 999 points
Premium1,000+ points
Elite7,500+ points
Elite Royal40,000+ points

All new members start from the “Players” level and earn a higher status level after earning the required number of points.

“Elite Royal” is an invite-only status level and requires members to earn at least 40,000 points in 6 months.

Apart from the XClub membership benefits available for all members, members will get a few exclusive services and benefits as per their current status level.

In short…

  • All new members start from the Players status level.
  • 1000-7,499 status points are required to achieve Premium status.
  • 7,500-39,000 status points are required to achieve Elite status.
  • 40,000+ status points are required to achieve Elite Royal status.

What are the criteria to earn points?

Members will earn points on qualifying play with a valid Xclub card as per the below criteria.

To earn 1 Status Points, players must

  • Players must play for $20 amount on a slot machine. OR
  • Players must play for $60 amount on video poker.

BetParx Sportsbook: Apart from the Casino, members also earn rewards points, free slot play, and other perks through the BetParx sportsbook app by playing online games and betting on sports.

How to achieve a higher card status?

As per our estimates…

  1. Players:
    • All new members start from the Player’s Status level. There are no minimum points criteria.
  2. Premium:
    • Players striving for the Premium Status Level at Parx Casino should expect wagering approximately $20,000.00 on slot machines OR $60,000.00 on video Poker or any combination of both during a six-month qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $20 played on slot machine OR $60 played on video poker, requiring players to reach the 1000-point milestone for elevation to the Premium status.
  3. Elite:
    • Players striving for the Elite Status Level at Parx Casino should expect wagering approximately $1,50,000.00 on slot machines OR $4,50,000.00 on video Poker or any combination of both during a six-month qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $20 played on slot machine OR $60 played on video poker, requiring players to reach the 7500-point milestone for elevation to the Elite status.
  4. Elite Royal:
    • Players striving for the Elite Royal Status Level at Parx Casino should expect wagering approximately $8,00,000.00 on slot machines OR $24,00,000.00 on video Poker or any combination of both during a six-month qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $20 played on slot machine OR $60 played on video poker, requiring players to reach the 1000-point milestone for elevation to the Elite Royal status.

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How to Login and Sign Up for an Online My XClub Account?

Now if you are thinking about how to get the incredible experience that Xclub Loyalty Program offers. No problem, sign up for a new account within minutes through the official website.

How to Sign Up?

The below steps will be helpful.

  1. Visit the Parx Casino Shippensburg XClub OR Parx Casino Bensalem Xclub web page.
  2. Click the Join XClub link.
My XClub sign up page
  1. Fill out the registration form.
  2. Create a strong password for your XClub account.
  3. Note down the My Xclub Account Number.

How to get the XClub Card?

After filling out the online sign-up form

  • Visit the Xclub booth and share your government-issued Photo ID proof to get your XClub Card.
  • You will get a new XClub card after the verification.

How to log in to MyXClub Account?

All existing members can log in to their accounts by visiting the Parx Casino website.

  1. Visit the official Parx Casino website.
  2. Click the My XClub link in the top right side OR Visit the login page directly at
My XClub login page
  1. Enter your XClub login credentials and access your online account.

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Parx Casino MyXClub Benefits

Members can start earning XClub Rewards on the same day when they join the Loyalty program.

Different types of perks and exclusive benefits are available for members.

  • Promotional offer:
    • All new XClub members will get $10 free slot play. New members will get an XClub card loaded with a $10 free slot play promotional offer. This free slot play is valid only on the enrollment day.
  • Xtra Play offer:
    • Xtra Play program is a unique feature of Parx Casino that rewards you the very next day after your visit. Earn at least 10 points and use your Xtra Play on the next day.
  • Exclusive benefits:
    • Invitations to gift giveaways and events, Multiplier entries for sweepstakes, and access to promotions make every visit a rewarding opportunity to receive something extra every time.
  • Comp Back:
    • 2.5% Comp Back at all Parx Casino food outlets, bars, and gift shops.
  • Birthday offers:
    • Exclusive birthday offers and complimentary beverage service to all members.
  • Tiered Rewards System:
    • A tiered reward structure is beneficial for those who are a regular customer. The more you play, the higher you earn. Higher-tier members unlock exclusive rewards.
  • Point Multipliers:
    • A special points multiplier allows members to multiply their loyalty points earned on select days.
  • Access to VIP Events:
    • Invitation to a quarterly appreciation event. Annual special dinners and access to select VIP experiences are also available for select status levels.

Discount on Comp Dollars:

Members at Premium, Elite, and Elite Royal status will get a discount on the Comp Dollars if they redeem them to pay at Parx Casino’s designated restaurant every month.

Premium members will get a 20% discount and Elite and Elite Royal members will get a 30% discount. Discount will only be applied on the portion paid using comp dollars.

For example,

If a member has to pay $100 at any Parx Casino restaurant then to final amount he needs to pay will be as given below.

Status levelRestaurant discount on Comp DollarsBilling amountComp dollar discountFinal billing amount
Elite Royal30%$100$30$70

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Parx Casino XClub Promotions

Instant Free Play Thursday:

Get a chance to win up to $200 Free Slot Play on 8th and 22nd February 2024. Members who play slot games by entering their XClub card in the slot machine will earn $10 Free Slot Play if the total entries are 40. Offer will apply from 10 AM to 11:59 PM. Earned Free Slot Play will be valid for 45 days and can be used by the Free Slot Play button.

Entries will be calculated as follows.

  • For $20 played on slots earns you 1 entry
  • $60 played on video poker earns you 1 entry.

One-Year Anniversary Sweepstakes:

As per the one-year anniversary celebration, Parx Casino offering $70,000 Free Slot Play and cash prizes to members. The event will take place every Friday in February 2024 from 5 PM to 10 PM. During this period, 5 lucky members will get a $500 Free Slot Play reward and a drawing ticket into $10,000 CASH DRAWING on February 23.

Members can start playing slot games from 10 AM to 9:59 PM on all Fridays in February. Please note that to qualify for the One-Year Anniversary Sweepstakes, members must record a valid entry in the slot machine by entering a valid Xclub card in the slot machine. To record 1 entry, members can wager $20 on slots or $60 on video poker.

Bring a Friend for Free Play:

It’s a referral bonus offer that will be valid only on Thursday, Feb 29, 2024. Members can win up to $20 Free Slot Play. If a friend signs up for the XClub card on Feb 29 then the member and friend both will earn $20 Free Slot Play.

Customer Service

For any type of assistance, please call Parx Casino Call Center at 1-888-LUV-PARX or 1-888-588-7279 from 10 AM to 8 PM or send an email to [email protected].

My XClub Rewards Summary:

Name of the loyalty programMy XClub
Offered byParx Casino
Operated byGreenwood Gaming & Entertainment, Inc
Account Access ModeOnline
Mobile appNot Available
Number of tiers4
Entry level tierPlayers
Highest tierElite Royal
BeneficiaryAll eligible Parx Casino
ObjectiveTo enhance customer experience by providing rewards and exclusive services at Parx Casino destination

Frequently asked questions

How to check the XClub Card status level?

All members can Log into their My Xclub account to check their status level. After login, members can check all account information including key details about status level, Members can also use any kiosk on the casino floor to view their credit status.

How to reset the XClub account password?

If a member forgets the account password then a password reset facility is available. Please follow the below steps to create a new password.

-Visit the XClub account login page.
-Click the Forgot your password link.
-On the next page, enter your My Xclub Account Number and click the Reset Password button.
-An email will be sent to the member’s registered email address.
-Check your email for further instructions and create a new password.

What is Parx Casino Wallet?

Parx Casino Wallet is a cashless way to play and enjoy your favorite games at Parx Casino and earn status points and comp dollars.
Members can download the official mobile app by clicking the below links.

Parx Casino Wallet iOS app
Parx Casino Wallet Android app

Now members can manage their funds directly through the mobile app. Members can add funds to their Parx Play+ account anytime from our mobile app by using a bank account, PayPal, or credit & debit cards.

Members can get their winnings to their Parx Play+ account and they can withdraw from any ATM.

How do you get free play at Parx Casino?

There are multiple ways to earn Free Play at Parx Casino.

1-Sign-Up bonus: Sign up for the XClub loyalty program and earn Free Play.
2-Instant Free Play Thursday: Get a chance to win up to $200 Free Slot Play through the Instant Free Play Thursday promotional offer.
3-One Year Anniversary Sweepstakes: Get a chance to win $500 Free Slot play every hour on all Fridays in February 2024 through the One-Year Anniversary Sweepstakes promotional offer.
4-Earn Xtra Play: Xtra Play is your earned Free Slot Play that you can use within 45 days after earning. To earn Xtra Play, you will have to earn 10 points in a single day.

Members can earn 10 points by spending $200 on a slot machine or by spending $600 on video poker using an XClub card.

5-Referal Bonus: If you bring your friend to Parx Casino and your friend signs up for an Xclub card anytime in February then you and your friend both will receive an instant $20 free slot play. It’s a promo offer and valid only on Feb 29, 2024, Thursday.


To sum up, Parx Casino’s XClub stands tall as an exclusive facility for all customers. It is not just a reward program but a different exciting experience created for all the members. Next time you visit the Parx Casino, don’t forget to join the XClub get your XClub card, and take advantage of all member’s specific benefits.

In this article, we have shared all important information about the XClub Loyalty program including the features, benefits, membership status, etc. We have also shared how to join the XClub and log in to the online account.

In case there is any question that we haven’t covered in this article, please share in the comment section below and we will try to resolve that.

Finally, thanks for reading this article…

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