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Rewards Club is the loyalty program offered by Silverton Casino. All members enrolled in the Silverton Rewards program get exclusive benefits and services at the Silverton Casino location.

In this article, we are sharing important information about this rewards program including the benefits, features, rewards points, tier credits, status, etc.

We are also sharing online account-related information such as how to activate the Silverton Rewards account and log in and recover the online account.

If you are also looking for the above information then please read below.

Silverton Rewards Program

Silverton Casino in Las Vegas offers entertainment, dining, hotel, gaming, and non-gaming activities to its customers. Customers can visit and play casino games including slots, table games, sportsbooks, etc.

To make customer visits more exciting and rewarding, Silverton Casino offers a loyalty program that is complimentary for customers.

All customers can sign up and become a member of this loyalty program and access the benefits and exclusive services available for only members including monthly offers, special invitations to events, slot tournaments, and gifts.

Let’s check out a few important key terms used in this rewards program.

How Do Silverton Casino Rewards Work?

Silverton loyalty program is a tiered system where members at higher tier levels earn more rewards. Let’s check out a few key points below including tier level, base points, rewards points, earning period, Rewards card, etc.

Base Points:

Base points or tier points are the points members earn for their in a six-month duration. These points in total help a customer to achieve a higher tier level if a member earns the required number of base points.

Members earn base points on both gaming and non-gaming both types of activities. Base points can not be redeemed and do not have any cash value.

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Rewards Points:

Apart from the base points, members will earn reward points for all types of activities that they can redeem for casino activities such as free slot play, dining, retail merchandise, concert tickets, hotel accommodations, Bass Pro Shops gift cards, etc.

This cash value in terms of rewards helps members to save on their spending. Rewards points earned depend on the type of activity a member performs in the Silverton Casino.

Rewards points and base points earning criteria:

Members will earn reward points as per the below criteria.

ActivityCoin inRewards/base points
Video Slots and Reels$11
Video Poker$41

Table Games point values are based on game played, average bet, and time played.

Points redemption value:

Members can redeem 333 points for $1 value. It means 1000 points will be equal to approximately $3 value. If we take slots and reels example then members need to coin in $333 to earn 333 reward points that they can finally redeem for $1 value.

It means that the member will get a $1 return after spending $333 which is 0.3%. It is very low compared to other rewards programs.

Silverton Rewards Tier Level:

There are five different tier levels in the Silverton Rewards Club. Each tier level unlocks specific benefits and offers for members. Members need to earn the minimum number of base points to achieve a tier level.

The criteria to determine the tier level are given in the below table.

Tier levelRequired base points
BlackInvite only

In short…

  • Members having 0-999 base points enjoy the Silver tier level.
  • Members having 1,000-24,999 base points enjoy the Gold tier level.
  • Members having 25,000-99,999 base points enjoy the Platinum tier level.
  • Members having 1,00,000+ base points enjoy the Diamond tier level.
  • Black tier level is invited only at Silverton management’s discretion.

Rating period:

There are two rating periods in a year to determine the member’s tier level. The rating periods are January–June or July–December.

The total number of base points in a 6-month duration determines the member’s card tier level for the next 6-month rating period. Members take advantage of their tier levels for a 6-month duration.

Silverton Rewards Card:

All members get a new rewards card after joining the rewards program. The rewards card is specific to an individual member’s account and must be used every time while playing slot, poker, table games, having dinner, shopping, etc.

How do Members Achieve a Higher Tier Status?

As per our estimates…

  1. Silver:
    • All new members start from the Silver tier level. There are no minimum base point criteria.
  2. Gold:
    • Players striving for the Gold tier level in Silverton Rewards should expect to wager approximately $1,000.00 on slot machines or $4,000.00 on video poker during a 6-month qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $1 played on the slot machine and $4 played on video poker, requiring players to reach the 1,000 tier level milestone for elevation to the Gold tier.
  3. Platinum:
    • Players striving for the Platinum tier level in Silverton Rewards should expect to wager approximately $25,000.00 on slot machines or $1,00,000.00 on video poker during a 6-month qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $1 played on the slot machine and $4 played on video poker, requiring players to reach the 25,000 tier level milestone for elevation to the Platinum tier.
  4. Diamond:
    • Players striving for the Diamond tier level in Silverton Rewards should expect to wager approximately $1,00,000.00 on slot machines or $4,00,000.00 on video poker during a 6-month qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $1 played on the slot machine and $4 played on video poker, requiring players to reach the 1,00,000 tier level milestone for elevation to the Diamond tier.

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Silverton Rewards Account Sign Up and Login?

How to Join the Silverton Rewards Program?

To join the loyalty program, customers can visit the Silverton Rewards desk at Silverton Casino destination in Las Vegas and get a chance to receive up to $100 Free Slot Play on their first visit.

Please share your government-issued identity proof with the representative and complete your sign-up process. New members will get a Silver tier level rewards card and their account number.

Members can start using their rewards card as soon as they get it and take advantage of the member-specific services.

Silverton Rewards Online Account Activation:

After joining the loyalty program, members can activate their online account. The online account offers a few important services that members can use including…

  • Tracking of the rewards points, tier points, tier level, etc.
  • Checking the number of required base points to achieve the next tier level
  • Editing and updating personal information.

To activate the online account, please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click the Register link.
  3. An account activation form will appear on the screen (as shown below).
Silverton rewards activation form
  1. Enter your Silverton rewards account number, date of birth, email address, and a new password.
  2. Submit this form and activate your account.

You can now use your email address and password to access your online account.

Silverton Rewards Login

All members who have already activated their online accounts can access their accounts through the official website.

To log in, visit the Silverton Rewards login page, enter your email address and password, and click the Login button.

Let’s have a look at the login steps below.

  1. Visit the Silverton Rewards website at
  2. Click the Login button to open the login form.
  3. A login form will appear on the screen (as shown below).
Silverton rewards login page
  1. Enter your registered email address and password.
  2. Press the Login button.
  3. You will have instant access to your online account.

You will be directed to your account dashboard page where you can check your tier credit and rewards points balance and other information.

Single Sign On login:

Members also get the facility to access their accounts through the SSO login powered by Facebook and Google. It offers a fast and secure login facility to members.

Visit the Silverton Rewards login page and click on the Facebook or Google login option. Enter your Facebook or Google login credentials and access your account.

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Silverton Rewards Benefits

There are a lot of benefits and perks related to Hotel, Casino, Dining, Restaurants, Entertainment, Transportation, Retail, etc that members will get after joining the loyalty program by Silverton Casino.

Some of the benefits are available for all members and few benefits are tier level specific. Members at a higher tier level enjoy more rewards and exclusive services.

Check out the benefits documents and find out a complete list of the benefits members will get.

A few exclusive services and benefits members will enjoy are mentioned below.

  • Exclusive hotel, dining, and entertainment, and email offers.
  • Monthly gifts, promotions, and discounts.
  • Access to special events, and birthday offers.
  • Hotel early check-in late check-out, room upgrade, VIP check-in, best room rate.
  • Restaurant-related benefits include priority seating, complimentary birthday dinner, and Starbucks beverages.
  • Gaming-related benefits include tier upgrade bonus points, point multipliers, and reserved slot machines.

Discount at gift shop:

Members will get extra discounts based on tier level for purchasing at the Silverton Casino gift shop. Let’s take an example of $100 spending at a gift shop.

Tier levelDiscount at gift shopSpending amountFinal payment

Free Slots and other prizes:

Members are eligible to earn free slots and other prizes as soon as they start earning points. The prize earnings are based on the minimum number of points as mentioned below.

Sign-upFree gift and 50% off dining
250$10 Free Slot Play
500$15 Free Slot Play (plus all above prizes)
1,000$25 Free Slot Play (plus all above prizes)
2,500$50 Free Slot Play (plus all above prizes)
1,00,000Mermaid swim (plus all above prizes)

A gift will be sent through an email and a 50% discount on the dining will be offered when a member signs up for the first time. After that, the prizes will be given as per the points earned by the member as shown above.

How members can redeem the free slot play?

All the prizes including the free slots are linked to the member’s account. Members must use their Silverton Rewards card in the slot machine, use their PIN, and use their free slot to play slot-based games. Players can follow the instructions available on the screen.

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Customer Service

All members can resolve their issues related to the Silverton rewards program by speaking to the customer service phone number at 702-263-7777.

Silverton Loyalty Program Summary:

Name of the loyalty programRewards Club
Offered bySilverton Casino
Account Access ModeOnline
Mobile appNot available
Number of tiers5
Entry level tierSilver
Highest tierBlack
BeneficiaryAll eligible Silverton Casino customers
ObjectiveTo provide more benefits and rewards to customers for their gaming and non-gaming activities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of Joining the Silverton Loyalty Program?

The Silverton loyalty program is free for all customers. There is no fee associated with this program.

What is the Expiration Date of My Base Points and Rewards Points?

Silverton Rewards points have an expiry date of 12 months for local members and 18 months for non-local members.

All reward points will expire if there is no activity in the member’s account during the 12 months for the local members and 18 months for the non-local members.

Who Can Join the Silverton Rewards Program?

All 21 years of age or older customers who have a valid form of ID can join the Silverton loyalty program.


The Silverton Rewards Program is a great way to provide various benefits and exclusive services to its customers. The program is a tiered-based system where members at higher levels earn more rewards.

It helps Silverton Casino to enhance members’ experience by providing them with the benefits of the various rewards and privileges offered by Silverton Casino in Las Vegas.

We have shared all the information including key terminology such as base points, tier level, rewards points, tier earning period, etc. We have also shared online account-related information such as account activation, login, etc.

We hope you will find all the relevant information that you were looking for. Please let us know your views or questions about this article in the comment section below.

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