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virtualrosteress.com is an online website that is dedicated to employees working in the hotel and casino industry. We share useful information related to the products and services used by Hotels and Casinos and help employees find the latest updates.

We share information related to different tools and services but our main focus is to provide accurate and authentic information about Virtual Roster software product that is used by most of the Hotels and Casinos worldwide.

We share account access, troubleshooting, and other information to help employees to get easy and secure access to their accounts.

virtualrosteress.com is a part of Praxis Consultants which is a recruitment and job consulting solution provider established in 2011. Since then we have recruited and provided jobs to employees in many companies. By using our expertise in writing content that targets employees related to senior-level hiring, consultation, and other related categories, we started virtualrosteress.com to help employees.

We share informative articles and provide relevant sources in each article so that employees can easily check the official authoritative websites and verify the authenticity of our information. To know more, please visit our company profile on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Our main target is to help employees by sharing the already publically available information in an easy-to-access way that provides further insights and relevant information.