Ocean Casino Rewards Sign Up, Login, Tier Level, Free Play

The Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City offers a loyalty program ‘Ocean Rewards’ to its customers. This program is available for all eligible participants.

Customers get exclusive member-specific benefits including free play, gifts, complimentary rooms, cruise offers, etc.

In this article, we are exploring the Ocean Rewards sign-up, login, account recovery, etc processes. We will also share information about the Ocean Casino Rewards program including comp dollars, tier points, tier level, free play, and other promo offers.

If you are also looking for the above information then please read below.

Ocean Rewards Program

Ocean Rewards is the official loyalty program of Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City. It’s a tier-based reward program that offers members exciting benefits and exclusive services through four different tier statuses.

Ocean Casino website homepage

Members get exclusive offers, complimentary benefits, free play, comp dollars, etc every time they spend at 1,763 slot machines, 122 tables, and 8 poker tables at the Ocean Casino and Resort.

Members also get partner benefits including cruise trips at MSC Cruise, VIP players lounges, and much more.

Members also get promotional offers from time to time. To access all the perks and benefits associated with the Ocean Rewards program, visit the Ocean Casino Resort and sign up for the rewards program today.

How Does the Ocean Rewards Work?

Ocean Rewards is a tier-based program and offers four different tiers, Signature, Preferred, Prime, and Reserve.

Members spend on casino gaming and non-gaming activities and earn tier points and comp dollars. Members’ tier points determine the member’s tier status.

There is a minimum tier points criteria to achieve a specific tier status. Comp dollars are used to redeem for free play or other services.

Ocean Rewards Tier Points:

All Ocean Rewards members earn tier points based on their gameplay. The total number of tier points accumulated in an earning period decides the member’s tier status.

  • Tier points have no cash value and are non-redeemable.
  • Tier points are valid only for the benefits-earning period.
  • The tier point balance resets and starts from zero once a new tier benefits period starts.

Members need to play more games such as slot, table, sports bets, online play, etc to earn more tier points and to achieve a higher tier status (Prime status).

Earn tier points at the Gallery Bar, Book & Games: Members can earn tier points by wagering at VIP Atlantic City sportsbook.

Members can place their bet by swiping their Ocean Rewards Card. Members will earn 1 tier point on every $10 wager.

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Ocean Rewards Comp Dollars:

Comp Dollars is the casino currency of the Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City and members can earn them by playing slot and table games.

Members can redeem their comp dollars at different locations. Redeem 1:1 Comp Dollars for dining, shopping, hotel stays, spas, treatments/services, or show tickets.

Now members can use Comp Dollars to book tickets for Live Music, Comedy Shows, and More at Ovation Hall.

Comp Dollars have validity and will expire after 180 days for Reserve, Prime, and Preferred Cardholders if members do not earn one comp dollar. For the Signature tier members, the comp dollars validity is 90 days.

It is a good idea to use all comp dollars before the expiration date if you are not actively visiting the Ocean Casino Resort.

Ocean Rewards Tier Status:

Ocean Rewards program offers 4 different tier statuses to its members. Apart from the benefits that all members get, all tiers offer a few exclusive benefits and services.

Members can move to a higher tier by accumulating the required number of tier points within the 1-year tier-earning period.

The number of points required to achieve all four statuses is given in the below table.

Tier statusRequired tier points
ReserveInvite Only

In short…

  • Members having 0 – 2,999 Tier Points enjoy the Signature tier status.
  • Members having 3,000 – 19,999 Tier Points enjoy the Preferred tier status.
  • Members having 20,000+ Tier Points enjoy the Prime tier status.
  • Reserve status is invite only.

Ocean Rewards Card:

Once a customer signs up for the Ocean Rewards membership by visiting the Ocean Rewards desk, an Ocean Rewards Card is also given to the customer.

This reward card is used everywhere by the member to earn Comp Dollars and Tier Points and also at the time of redeeming Comp Dollars.

Members also use their rewards card at any kiosk to find out the current balance of comp dollars and tier points.

Members rated game play will only be awarded so please ensure that your Ocean Rewards Card is properly tracking the gaming activity.

Earning and Benefit Period:

The earning period is a 1-year duration in the Ocean Rewards program starting from July 1st and ending on June 30th every year.

The benefit year starts just after the end of the earning period and has the same duration.

For example,

  • Earning Period: July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024
  • Benefit Period: July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025

Once a member moves to a higher tier by earning the required tier points, the member will enjoy the tier status benefits for the rest of the earning period until the end of the benefit year.

For example, if a member earns 3,000 tier points on Jan 20 2024 then the member will get all the Preferred tier status benefits until June 30, 2025.

How do Members Achieve a Higher Tier Status in the Ocean Rewards Program?

To achieve a higher tier status in the Ocean Rewards program, members must play more games and earn the required number of tier points. Members get Signature tier status once they join the Ocean Rewards program.

After accumulating the required tier points in a 1-year duration (July to June every year), members can move to Preferred and Prime Tier status. Members will achieve the Reserve status only through an invite.

Ocean Casino Resort does not share the tier points earning criteria. There is no information available about the spending amount on the slot and table games to earn 1 tier points.

That’s why we can not calculate the approximate amount spent to achieve any specific tier status. There are a few key pieces of information to note down.

  • Members will have to spend more on gaming to achieve more tier points.
  • Members can also use their winning amount through slot and table games to wager again.
  • Members are likely to spend less if they win and use their winnings to play further games.
  • Players can also participate in promotional activities to earn more points and jackpots.

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Ocean Rewards Account Sign-Up and Login?

How to Sign Up for the Ocean Rewards Program?

Members need to sign up for the Ocean Rewards program to get all the associated benefits, exclusive services, and discounts.

To Sign Up, visit the Ocean Rewards desk at the Ocean Casino location with a valid government-issued identity proof and complete all the formalities. Members must be 21 years or older to play games and get the Ocean Rewards membership.

Ocean Rewards membership will be awarded after the verification and you will also get your Ocean Rewards Card for the Signature Tier status. Members will also receive their Ocear Rewards card number and a PIN.

Ocean Rewards Login

If you have just signed up for the Ocean Rewards membership and want to access your online account then there are two ways to do that.

  1. Through the Ocean Rewards online portal.
  2. Through the Ocean Casino mobile app.

You can use any login method anytime 24/7.

1-Through the Ocean Rewards online portal:

To log in, visit the Ocean Rewards login page, enter your card number and 4-digit PIN, and click the Login button. You will be instantly logged into your account.

Members can also follow the simple steps given below.

  1. Visit the Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City website.
  2. Click the Ocean Rewards link on the top right side of the website.
  3. The Ocean Rewards player portal login form will appear on the screen.
Ocean rewards login page
  1. Enter your card number and PIN.
  2. Press the Login button.

You will be successfully logged into your account if you have entered the correct card number and PIN.

After login, you can check all the account-related information including…

  • Tier points
  • Same-day free play and other offers
  • Comp dollars balance
  • Current tier status information
  • Free Play
  • Required number of tier points to move to the next tier.

2-Through the Ocean Casino Resort mobile app:

Now members can download the Ocean Casino Resort mobile app and access their Ocean Rewards account and all the account-related information directly through the mobile app.

Mobile app offers convenient and fast access to members’ rewards accounts through a secure medium.

First, members need to download the official mobile app which is available on the Google Play and Apple App Store. We are sharing the direct links to the official Ocean Casino Resort mobile app below.

PlatformDownload linkVersion
AndroidClick here3.2.230919
iOSClick here4.0.230908

After downloading the mobile app, members can log in to their account by using their card number and PIN.

Members will have access to the below mobile app benefits.

  • Access your Ocean Rewards account information including tier points and comp dollar balance.
  • Find slots and other games through the game finder.
  • Access your dining, entertainment, and comp room offers.
  • Access the mobile check-in and check-out facility.
  • Call your host through the mobile app.
  • Use the Digital key feature in the mobile app to unlock your room.
  • Book your hotel or a table directly through the mobile app.

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Ocean Casino Rewards Benefits

Members will get various benefits by playing games at the Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City. Comp Dollars will be awarded on slot and table-based games. Tier points will be awarded to loyalty program members on the rated slot, table online games, and sports bet.

Members will get promotional offers, exclusive gifts, discounts, tier-specific benefits, early check-in, late check-out, free parking, invitations to exclusive events, tournaments, etc.

Exclusive benefits: A few exclusive benefits and discounts are available for specific tier-level members as mentioned below.

Travel Benefits:

1-MSC Cruises: Ocean Rewards members at Reserve, Prime, and Preferred tier levels will get a complimentary MSC cruise for two for up to 10 days. Signature level members will get a 20% discount.

2-Resorts World Las Vegas: Reserve and Prime tier status members will get a complimentary stay at Resorts World Las Vegas. Reserve tier members will get a three-night stay including a $200 dining credit and a $200 free play credit.

Prime tier members will get a two-night stay including a $100 dining credit and a $100 free play credit.

Dining and Retail Shopping Discounts:

Members who will spend on dining or retail shop for shopping will get exclusive discounts on their spending.

Discount depends on the current tier status of the member. Members will get a discount as shown in the below table.

We are sharing an example of the total $500 spent on dining or retail.

Tier levelDiscount at Venetian retail outletSpending amountDiscount amountFinal price

As you can see the final payment amount is less in the case of Prime and Reserve tier status due to the higher discount.

Members can get the above discounts at the following locations Harper’s, Rocco’s Italian Kitchen & Market, The Soup Spot, District Grille, Cafféccino, Boardwok, Salads & More, Scoops, Seaside Deli, Bergio, Flying Point Surf Shop, Time After Time, Bangz, O∙Man, Sole Mates, Renée and CORE.

Ocean Rewards Prime Tier Match:

New members or members whose account has been inactive for 18 months and have a qualifying competitor casino card can sign up for the Ocean Casino Rewards and upgrade to the Prime card membership.

After signing up, members will get all Prime tier status benefits. Members must have the qualifying card of the below casinos.

CasinosQualifying card
BorgataPlatinum Noir
Caesars Entertainment(Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Atlantic City, Tropicana Atlantic City, and Harrah’s Philadelphia)Seven Stars Diamond Elite Diamond Plus
Golden Nugget Atlantic CityBillionaire
Hard Rock Atlantic CityRock Royalty Icon X Card
ResortsRed Carpet
Live! (Philly Live!, Maryland Live! and Pittsburgh Live!)Jade Chairman’s Club
ParxElite Royal
Rivers Casino PhiladelphiaBlack
Valley ForgeTitanium
Wind Creek BethlehemFantasy
Mohegan SunSoar
Encore BostonBlack

Ocean Rewards Prime Tier Match program is valid from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024. For Caesars rewards members, it is valid until February 29, 2024.

After getting the Prime membership, members must earn 20,000 Tier Points by June 30, 2024, to maintain Prime Status.

Same Day Free Play:

Same Day Free Play benefits are available for all tier statuses for slot play games. Members can check their balances through their Ocean rewards account or casino kiosk and download them.

  • Balance must be at least $5 to download and use for free play on the same day.
  • After that, free play can be used to play slot machine games.
  • There is a 90-day validity for the same-day free play.

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Ocean Rewards Promotional Offers

Members can access the promotional offers that come every month and improve their tier points and comp dollars earnings. A few promotional offers currently available are mentioned below.

1-Comp Dollars to Free Play Exchange:

Members can convert their comp dollars into free play in a 2:1 ratio. It means members will get half-free play. If a member redeems $20 comp dollars then $10 free play will be awarded.

To redeem, members can visit the Ocean rewards desk on March 22, Friday from 9 AM – 1 AM. Members can redeem a minimum of $10 comp dollars up to the $3000 maximum limit.

For more information, visit https://www.theoceanac.com/offers/comp-dollars-free-play-exchange.

2-15X Free Play Multiplier:

Members can earn 15x free play on their same-day free play earnings. This offer is available on March 9, 2024, Saturday only for Preferred, Prime & Reserve cardholders on their slot play.

First, members need to visit any kiosk to activate this offer. After that, play slot games from 6 am on Saturday, March 9 to 5:59 am on Sunday.

All same-day free play will be 15x multiplied. For more details, please visit https://www.theoceanac.com/offers/15x-free-play-multiplier.

3-10X Free Play Multiplier:

It is similar to the above 15x multiplier offer. Members will get 10x free play on their same-day free play earnings on March 6, 13, 17, 20 & 27.

This offer is valid from 6 am on March 6, 13, 17, 20 & 27 to 5:59 am on March 7, 14, 18, 21 & 28. For more details, please visit https://www.theoceanac.com/offers/10x-free-play-multiplier-0

4-$1,000 Free Play Sweepstakes:

Members can participate in the $1,000 Free Play Sweepstakes to earn $1,000 free play. This offer is available every Thursday from 2 PM – 10 PM in March 2024.

If you are an Ocean Reward member then a free entry will be awarded that you can use to deposit at the kiosk and participate in the drawings.

Two lucky winners every 30 minutes will win $500 Free Play. For more details, please visit https://www.theoceanac.com/offers/1000-free-play-sweepstakes-0

5-$20,000 slot tournament:

Ocean rewards members can participate in the $20,000 slot tournaments and earn free play. This offer is valid on March 5 & 25 2024.

Each guest will play for 2 minutes, and the top 100 scores will receive Free Play. For more details, please visit https://www.theoceanac.com/offers/20000-slot-tournament-1

Ocean Rewards Customer Service

Members can visit the Ocean Casino Resort website contact page and submit the online form to ask any questions or share feedback.

Please enter your Ocean Rewards card number to access information about your Ocean Rewards account.

For account recovery, PIN reset, etc related assistance, please visit the Ocean Rewards desk in person.

Ocean Rewards Program Summary:

Name of the loyalty programOcean Rewards
Offered byOcean Casino Resort Atlantic City
Account Access ModeOnline
Mobile appAvailable
Number of tiers4
Entry level tierSignature
Highest tierReserve
BeneficiaryAll eligible Ocean Casino Resort customers
ObjectiveTo provide exclusive benefits, rewards, and services to all Ocean Casino Resort customers to make their visits more exciting
Official websitewww.theoceanac.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of Joining the Ocean Rewards Program?

Ocean Rewards membership is completely free. Members can sign up at the Ocean Rewards desk without paying any membership fee.

How can I check my Point Balance?

Members can log in to their Ocean Rewards web portal or mobile app and check their tier point, Comp Dollars, Free Play, etc balances.

Members can also visit any kiosk at Ocean Ocean and view their point balance by using their Ocean Rewards Card.

Does Ocean Casino give free play?

Yes, members get free play in different ways.
Members get free play offers when they sign up for the first time for an Ocean rewards membership.
Member also gets free play from time to time as per their gameplay and spending.
Members also participate in the casino offers and promos to earn free play.
Members can also exchange comp dollars for free play through the promotional offer.
Free play multiplier offers are also available from time to time.
Members can visit the Ocean Casino offers web page to check out the latest offers available for them.

How do I get Ocean Preferred, Prime, and Reserve tier status?

Members need to earn the required number of tier points to achieve a tier status.

To achieve the Preferred tier status, members must earn 3000 tier points, to achieve the Prime tier status, members must earn 20,000 tier points and the Reserve tier status is an invite-only.

Members will get an invitation to join the Reserve tier status as per the management decision.

Apart from the above ways to earn higher tier status, new members can earn the prime tier status directly after signing up through the Prime tier match promotional offer.

To earn prime tier status, visit the Ocean Rewards desk with the qualifying competitor casino rewards card and a government-issued identity proof. New members will be promoted to the prime tier status.

How do I redeem free slot play?

Members can use their free slot play by inserting their Ocean Rewards card in the slot machine and using the promo options available on the screen.

How much comp dollars Ocean Rewards members can earn?

There is a cap on the maximum comp dollars a member can earn in the Ocean Rewards program.

Signature, Preferred, and Prime Tiers members can earn up to a maximum of $5,000 Comp Dollars and Reserve tier members can earn up to a maximum of $10,000 Comp Dollars.

What if I forgot my Ocean Rewards card number and PIN?

If a member forgot his card number and PIN then visit the Ocean Rewards Desk for assistance.


Ocean Rewards program is not just a membership program, it’s an easy way to save on our hard-earned money every time members play any games at Ocean Casino Resort Atlantic City. Comp Dollars on the gameplay is a good facility available for all members.

Members also get access to the promotional offers that come every month and offer an extra opportunity to earn tier points and comp dollars. Members can also take advantage of the partner offers such as MSC Cruise offer, Resorts World Las Vegas stay offer, etc.

If we see the benefits and exclusive services available for the members, then the Ocean Casino Rewards program is a must-have option and all regular customers must enroll in this rewards program.

We have also shared all the key information in this article including the latest promotional offer, online account login, new account sign-up, benefits, and features, related to the Ocean Rewards loyalty program.

Finally, thanks for reading this article. If you have further questions or any inquiries then please write in the comment section below.

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