Thunder Valley Casino Rewards Card, Level, Comp, Points 2024

Thunder Valley Casino Rewards is the official loyalty program of Thunder Valley Casino Resorts and offers various benefits and rewards facilities to all registered members.

In this article, we are sharing an overview of the Thunder Valley Rewards program, its features, and benefits for members, promotional offers, online account sign-up, login and account recovery-related information, etc.

Read below to find the latest and up-to-date information.

Thunder Valley Rewards Program

Thunder Valley Casino offers different types of games including table games such as baccarat and Zappit Blackjack, slot games including Double Gold, Quick Hit, Red Hot Tamales Pinata Bash, and Cash Machine, electronic table games, video poker, keno, and more.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort website homepage

With denominations from $1 to $100, members can enjoy 3,400 slot machine games with a smoke-free slot room and Premier Slot Salon with 100+ high-limit slot machines.

President and Elite tier members get VIP treatment at the casino including personalized services, invitations for special events, assistance from a Casino Host, etc.

A loyalty program offering makes it even more interesting and rewarding to visit the Thunder Valley Resort and access all the benefits and services associated with it.

How Does Thunder Valley Casino Rewards Work?

Thunder Valley Casino Rewards is also a tiered-based rewards program and works similarly. It uses different tier levels and offers more benefits to higher tier-level members.

Let’s check out a few related information below.

Tier Points:

Tier points or simply points are used to determine the members, tier level in the Thunder Rewards. Members earn points on their casino spending and also on other spending including dining, shopping, etc.

Tier points can not be redeemed and have no cash value. They are just used to determine the membership level.

Tier points earning criteria:

Members will earn tier points on different types of spending but the Thunder Valley Rewards program does not share information about the points earning criteria. We can not say how much Dollar spending will accumulate 1 point.

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Thunder Valley Rewards also uses comps as their casino currency. The member earns comps every time they use their Rewards Card to spend at Thunder Valley Casino on everything including slots and table games, hotel stay, restaurant, etc.

Comps have a cash value and can be redeemed for different activities such as dining, gaming, free slot play, etc.

Thunder Rewards Tier:

Thunder Rewards loyalty program offers members a tiered-based system that consists of five different tiers. Each tier comes with several unique sets of benefits and services.

Members can access the tier-specific benefits by accumulating required points. Five tiers that members can achieve are mentioned below along with the required number of points to achieve all tiers.

Tier StatusRequired Tier Credits

In short…

  • Members having 0-4,999 points enjoy the Preferred tier.
  • Members having 5,000-49,999 points enjoy the Gold tier.
  • Members having 50,000-99,999 points enjoy the Platinum tier.
  • Members having 1,00,000-3,99,999 points enjoy the President tier.
  • Members having 4,00,000+ points enjoy the Elite tier.

Qualifying period:

Members must earn the required number of points during a qualifying period. This qualifying period is a specific duration that is used to calculate the total number of earned points and determine the member’s tier level.

As soon as members accumulate the required tier points, members get access to that tier and all associated benefits. Members enjoy the tier benefits for the rest of the qualifying duration and the complete next qualifying duration.

There is no specific duration mentioned on the Thinder Rewards website but it is generally 365 days in most of the casino loyalty programs.

Thunder Valley Rewards Card:

As per the Thunder Rewards membership, all new members get a Thunder Rewards Card once they sign up. This card is very important and must be used everywhere to earn comps and points. Members earn comps for almost all types of spending in the Thunder Valley destination.

5% cashback:

The most highlighted benefit is the 5% cashback on your Thunder Valley Casino spending through your Thunder Valley Rewards Card. Cashback will be given in the form of comps that members can redeem later.

Thunder Rewards Drawbacks:

  • No clear information is available on the official website.
  • A comp redemption rate is not available.
  • No information is available about tier points earning based on the spending amount.
  • Members need to visit the Rewards Center to find out some information.

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How to Sign Up and Login into the Thunder Valley Rewards Account?

How to Join the Thunder Valley Rewards Program?

All 21 years or older customers are eligible to become a member. Members can visit the Rewards Center inside the Thunder Valley Casino and register for the membership.

Please bring your identification documents to verify your identity at the time of sign-up. Members will get their rewards card only after the verification of their identity.

Welcome sign-up offer:

If you are a new member and signing up for the first time then you are eligible to receive $5-$500 as a sign-up offer. The Sign-up offer will be awarded in the form of free slot play.

Thunder Rewards Online Account Activation

If you have become a member of the Thunder Valley Rewards program by visiting the casino destination then it’s time to access your online account.

An online account gives you several benefits such as…

  • Accessing your membership-related information such as your points balance,
  • Comps balance,
  • Tier-related information including the number of points required to achieve the next tier,
  • Tracking your spending and winning,
  • View personal information, etc.

Members can view and edit their profile information including contact details to always keep it updated.

Members can create their online account with the help of a few steps given below.

  • Visit the Thunder Rewards website.
  • Click the CREATE ONLINE ACCOUNT link at the top right corner.
  • You will see a sign-up form in a pop-up (as shown below).
Thunder Valley Rewards sign up form
  • Enter your Thunder Rewards Account number, PIN, date of birth, and registered email address.
  • Create a new password for your account and submit this sign-up form.

Note: Please ensure that all the information is accurate and matches with the information you have shared at the time of membership registration at the Thunder Valley Casino location.

Thunder Valley Rewards Login

Now there is no need to visit the Thunder Valley Casino location to track your loyalty program-related information, just log in to your account and access anything you want.

To log in, visit the Thunder Valley website, click the Login link in the top right corner, and enter your email address and password to access your rewards program account.

If you are an existing member then follow the below steps to login to your account.

  1. Visit the Thunder Valley website.
  2. Click the MEMBER LOGIN link at the top right corner.
  3. A login form will appear on the screen (as shown below).
Thunder Valley Rewards Login page
  1. Enter your registered email address and password in the login form.
  2. Press the Login button to access your account.

You will be directed to your account dashboard page where you will have access to key information such as your current tier, point, and comp balance.

You can also explore all other available information and options in your account.

How to Recover Thunder Valley Rewards Account?

If a member gets the wrong password error then there is a possibility that the member has forgotten his account password. In this case, there is a password reset facility that members can use and create a new password.

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the Thunder Valley website.
  2. Click the MEMBER LOGIN link at the top right corner.
  3. Click the FORGOT PASSWORD link on the login page.
  4. A password reset form will appear on the screen (as shown below).
Thunder Valley Rewards Password reset page
  1. Enter your email address associated with your Thunder Rewards account.
  2. Press the Send button.
  3. You will receive an email including a verification code.
  4. Enter the verification code and create a new password.

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How to Achieve a Higher Tier Level?

Members can achieve a higher Thunder Rewards tier level by accumulating the required number of points in a qualifying period. Members can earn points by playing slot, table, poker, and other games and by spending on non-gaming activities including dining, entertainment, etc.

Since the Thunder Valley Casino does not share any information about how many points a member will earn on different types of spending, we can not say how must approximate amount a member needs to spend to achieve a specific tier.

If we assume 5% points on all spending then every $100 spent will earn 5 points. As per this assumption, the estimated spending will be as follows…

As per our estimates…

  1. Preferred:
    • All new members start from the Preferred tier level.
  2. Gold:
    • Players striving for the Gold tier level in Thunder Rewards should expect to spend approximately $1,000,00.00 on gaming activities during the qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $20 spent, requiring players to reach the 5,000 tier level milestone for elevation to the Gold tier.
  3. Platinum:
    • Players striving for the Platinum tier level in Thunder Rewards should expect to spend approximately $10,000,00.00 on gaming activities during the qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $20 spent, requiring players to reach the 50,000 tier-level milestone for elevation to the Platinum tier.
  4. President:
    • Players striving for the President tier level in Thunder Rewards should expect to spend approximately $20,000,00.00 on gaming activities during the qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $20 spent, requiring players to reach the 1,00,000 tier-level milestone for evaluation to the President tier.
  5. Elite:
    • Players striving for the Elite tier level in Thunder Rewards should expect to spend approximately $80,000,00.00 on gaming activities during the qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $20 spent, requiring players to reach the 5,000 tier level milestone for elevation to the Elite tier.

Thunder Valley Rewards Benefits

There are a lot of benefits members get ranging from exclusive services to discounted prices. Few benefits are tier-specific and members can unlock them by achieving a higher tier.

The few benefits all members will get are…

  • Exclusive offers from TVCR
  • Member-specific Personalized Offers and bonuses, promotions, discounts, etc.
  • Valet Parking
  • Earn Comps on gaming including slot and table games, non-gaming Purchases, and slot bonus comps.
  • Free non-alcoholic Beverages
  • Redeem Points for a Free Slot
  • Access to Pre-Sale Concert Tickets and Select Shows

Few benefits are available as per the current member tier and game play including Personal Casino Host Based, Invitations to Members Only Events & Tournaments, Birthday and other Gifts, promotional offers, etc.

Gift Shop Discount, Spa Services, and Thunder Cafe Discount:

Members will get discounts as per their tier level for spending at a gift shop, spa services, or Thunder Cafe. Let’s take an example of 200$ spending.

Tier levelDiscount at gift shopSpending amountFinal payment

As per the above table, it is clear that for a $200 spend…

  • Members at the Preferred tier will finally pay 190$.
  • Members at the Gold tier will finally pay 180$.
  • Members at the Platinum tier will finally pay 170$.
  • Members at the President and Elite tier will finally pay 160$.

A few VIP level benefits such as VIP parking, priority access and reservations, and exclusive elite events are available only for President and Elite level members.

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Thunder Valley Promotional Offers

Apart from the welcome sign-up offer, different types of promotional offers are available for members from time to time. Some of the current promos that are available currently are given below.

5X Rewards:

Members can earn 5X Rewards on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Members need to play their favorite slot games from 5 PM to 10 PM in Thunder Valley Casino to earn 5X rewards. Members can later their bonus points for more free play.

Members will also be eligible to win a jackpot and get entry into the weekend drawings (one electronic drawing entry for every 250 points earned). It’s a great chance to multiply your rewards earning.

$1,000,000 Motor Mania Mustang Giveaway:

Members will get a chance to win up to $10,000 in cash or a new Mustang by earning entries into the drawings. Members need to play slot or table games to earn drawing entry. Members will get one free daily entry plus one drawing entry for every 250 points earned on slots and every 100 points earned on table games and 2X entries every Monday and Friday. 

This promo is valid from January 2 to March 30, 2024, and six winners will be chosen each Friday and Saturday at 7 PM.

Fabulous 50+ Wednesday Promotion:

The Fabulous 50+ Wednesdays promotion is exclusive for 50 years or older Thunder Rewards members and offers them the opportunity to earn an electronic drawing entry every Wednesday and an entry into the Wednesday slot tournament.

Members can win up to $500 in the slot tournament and up to $1,000 in the electronic drawing. To earn additional drawing entries, members need to earn 100 points through slot or table games.

March Play & Get:

Members can earn cleaning items by earning the minimum number of points by playing slot or table games in March 2024 through the Thunder Rewards Card. Rewards items, promo dates, and required points are mentioned below.

Gift itemPromo dateRequired points
Sweeper BroomMarch 5 & 7800 points
6-piece Cleaning Duster SetMarch 12 & 14800 points
Spray MopMarch 19 & 21800 points
Cyclone Vacuum CleanerMarch 26 & 28800 points

Thunder Rewards Customer Service

In case of any issue or inquiry, please call customer care phone number at 1-916-408-7777 OR 1-877-468-8777.

Thunder Valley Loyalty Program Summary:

Name of the loyalty programThunder Valley Rewards Program
Offered byThunder Valley Casino Resort
Account Access ModeOnline
Mobile appNot available
Number of tiers5
Entry level tierPreferred
Highest tierElite
BeneficiaryAll eligible Thunder Valley Casino Resort customers
ObjectiveTo provide exclusive services, benefits, and rewards to Thunder Valley Casino Resort customers for their gaming and non-gaming activities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of joining the Thunder Valley Rewards Program?

Thunder Valley Loyalty program is 100% free to join. All customers who are 21 years or older can join the program by visiting the Thunder Valley casino location.

How to get free play at Thunder Valley Casino?

Thunder Valley Casino offers $5 to $500 free slot play as a sign-up offer to new members of their rewards program. To get the free slot play, visit the Rewards Center at the casino and sign up for the Thunder Valley Rewards program.

Apart from the sign-up offer, members also receive points and slot bonus comps that they can redeem for free slot play.

How can I check my comps, points balance, and tier information?

Members can visit the Thunder Rewards center at the casino and use their rewards card to find their account-related information including comps balance, points balance, current tier level, remaining points to achieve a higher tier, qualifying period, etc.

All the above account-related information is also available through the Thunder Rewards online account. Members can log in to their accounts and access all key information.


To sum up, the Thunder Valley Rewards program is very helpful for customers and provides them few valid reasons to visit the casino again. Offering different types of benefits, rewards, and exclusive facilities helps increase the members’ engagement and allows them to take advantage of the loyalty program.

Members also get additional value and show their loyalty by regularly visiting the casino and spending their money.

We have shared all the important information about the Thunder Valley Casino Rewards program in this article including information about key terms such as comps, points, tiers, rewards card, qualifying period, etc.

We have also shared information related to the online account such as how to sign up and activate a new account, how to log in and recover the rewards account, etc.

Please let us know if you get any help through this article. You can share your thoughts, questions, and views in the comment section below.

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