Solaire My Choice Rewards: Mysolaire App 2024 Guide

Solaire Resorts is offering the My Choice My Rewards loyalty program to all Solaire customers. Customers can log in to the MySolaire App to access their Solaire Rewards account.

In this article, we are sharing all the important details about the Rewards Program Solaire Resorts offers to its customers including its benefits and account access process. Please stay with us and read below.

Solaire My Choice Rewards Program

Solaire My Choice My Rewards is a loyalty program available for all customers who visit Solaire Resorts. This program offers different types of benefits to customers and provides them the opportunity to earn rewards points, discounted prices, exclusive deals and perks, and tier-level specific benefits.

Customers will earn the Solaire Peso which is the casino currency of Solaire Resort. Customers can later redeem their Solaire pesos for different types of spending at Solaire Resort.

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Solaire Rewards Peso, Tier Level, Status Points

Solaire Status Points:

Status points are used to calculate the membership level. Status points do not have any cash value and can not be redeemed for the Solaire Peso. Members earn status points for all types of activities in Solaire Resort such as playing casino games, hotel booking, food ordering, etc.

Solaire Peso:

Solaire Peso is the casino currency that all registered members earn along with Solaire status points for their spending at different casino activities. Members can redeem their Solaire Peso on their spending at Solaire Resorts.

Solaire Rewards Membership Tier Level:

There are different Membership levels awarded to members once they earn enough status points. Membership tier levels offer exclusive benefits and discounts to customers. There are six tier levels in the Solaire My Choice My Rewards program.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Diamond

Status points are valid for 1 membership year and will reset to zero once a new membership year starts.

Let’s have a look at how many status points are needed to earn a membership level.

Tier levelStatus Points requiredTotal Rewards: Solaire Peso
Silver0₱ 1
Gold500₱ 1.10
Platinum3,000₱ 1.30
Emerald10,000₱ 1.60
Ruby30,000₱ 2.00
Diamond2,00,000₱ 2.50

As you move to a higher tier level you will earn more Solaire Peso. As per the above table

  • Gold members will earn 10% extra Solaire Peso.
  • Platinum members will earn 30% extra Solaire Peso.
  • Emerald members will earn 60% extra Solaire Peso.
  • Ruby members will earn 100% extra Solaire Peso.
  • Gold members will earn 150% extra Solaire Peso.

For example, if a member earns 500 status points for playing slot games then the Solaire Peso earning for different tier levels will be as follows.

Tier levelStatus Points earnedTotal Rewards: Solaire Peso
Silver500₱ 500 (same as status points)
Gold500₱ 550 (10% higher than Silver)
Platinum500₱ 650 (30% higher than Silver)
Emerald500₱ 800 (60% higher than Silver)
Ruby500₱ 1000 (100% higher than Silver)
Diamond500₱ 1250 (150% higher than Silver)

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Solaire Rewards Card:

A Solaire Rewards card is given to all members once they join the Solaire rewards program. All the member’s activities such as games, dining, entertainment, etc must be recorded through the Solaire Rewards card by using it. Different Solaire rewards cards will be given to members at different tier levels.

Solaire Rewards Benefits

Exclusive services, discounts, and facilities are available for customers. Members at a higher tier level will get more benefits. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below.

Exclusive promotional offers:

Members will get exclusive promos from time to time. These promos are tier-specific and will be different for members at different tier levels.

Food & Beverage Discount:

All members will enjoy Up to 20% Discount + Up to 20% Rebate on food & beverage purchases.

Retail Earning Solaire Peso and Room Discount:

Members will earn Solaire Pesos for their Retail spending. It will be different for different tier levels as mentioned below. Members will get a Room Discount which will be higher for higher tier status.

1-Retail Earning Solaire Peso:

For example, if a member earns ₱100 (Peso) then the final Peso earning will be more and depends on the current tier level of a member as shown below.

Tier levelRetail Earning Solaire Peso rateSolaire Peso bonus for 100 PesoTotal Peso earned
Silver3%₱ 3₱ 103
Gold3%₱ 3₱ 103
Platinum3%₱ 3₱ 103
Emerald4%₱ 4₱ 104
Ruby4%₱ 4₱ 104
Diamond5%₱ 5₱ 105

2-Room Discount:

For example, if a member spends $500 on hotel booking then the discount a member will get at different tier levels will be as follows.

Tier levelRoom Discount rateRoom rateMember’s discountFinal room spending

Spa Bay Tower and Solaire Club Spa Discount:

Discounts will be given as per the below criteria. Please note that the Spa Bay Tower discount is available only for the members at the Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond tier levels and the Solaire Club Spa Discount is available for the members at the Ruby and Diamond tier levels.

Tier levelSpa Bay Tower DiscountSolaire Club Spa Discount

Solaire Car Wash:

Free Solaire Car Wash service is available for Diamond-level members.

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How to join the Solaire Rewards Program?

All members can join the Solaire Rewards Program by signing up on the official web portal or mobile app. Members can also visit the Solaire Rewards service desk at Solaire Resort and sign up for the Rewards Program.

Solaire Resort & Casino will issue a Solaire Rewards card to members only if they are at least 21 years old and have valid government-issued identity proof.

We are sharing the sign-up process on the online web portal. Please have a look.

  • Visit the Solaire Rewards page on the Solaire Resort website.
  • Click the Sign Up Now button to start the registration process.
  • Now, fill out the online form that includes four steps as mentioned below.
    1. Personal Info – Enter your personal information such as your name, address, contact information, etc.
    2. Identity Verification – Verify your identity by sharing an identity proof.
    3. Profile Photo – Upload a recent profile photo.
    4. Review & Submit – Review all information and Submit the sign-up form.
  • After completing all four steps, you will have your Solaire Rewards Account number and PIN.
  • You can now use your account number and PIN to access your account.

Solaire My Choice Rewards Login

Members can download the official MySolaire mobile app and access their accounts. MySolaire App is available for both Android and iOS platforms and members can download that by searching on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Members can also download the MySolaire App through the direct download links given below.

PlatformDownload linkCurrent version
AndroidClick here3.0.7
iOSClick here3.0.5

My Choice Rewards Login:

After downloading the MySolaire mobile app, members can log in by entering their Account number and PIN that they have created while signing up for a new account.

MySolaire App Benefits:

MySolaire App is the one-stop solution for all the Solaire Resort services. It offers all useful information and services offered by Solaire Resort along with Solaire Rewards-related information.

Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Find information and offers about Solaire Resort Casino, Dining, entertainment, etc.
  • Manage your Solaire Rewards account in the mobile app.
  • Check your status point balance, Solaire Peso balance, Bonus Peso balance, and membership status.
  • Find and redeem daily offers and activate raffle draw entries.
  • Receive important notifications related to upcoming promos, events, and discounts.
  • Book a hotel room directly through the mobile app and redeem your Solaire Peso.

Members can connect to the Solaire Guest WIFI to access the full functionality of the MySolaire mobile app.

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Solaire Rewards Helpline

For any type of issue related to your Solaire rewards account or if you want to know more about the rewards program, please call (+632) 8888-8877 or send an email to [email protected].

Solaire Rewards Program Summary:

Name of the loyalty programSolaire Rewards
Offered bySolaire Resort & Casino
Account Access ModeOnline web and mobile app
Mobile appAvailable
Number of tiers6
Entry level tierSilver
Highest tierDiamond
BeneficiaryAll eligible Solaire Resorts customers
ObjectiveTo provide customers with exclusive services and rewards opportunities for their spending at Solaire Resorts

Frequently asked questions

How Members Can Redeem Solaire Peso?

Members can redeem their Solaire pesos at any location in the Solaire Resort. Just share your Solaire rewards card with the cashier at the time of purchasing any item or use your Solaire rewards card at the slot machine while playing a game.

What is the New Member Bonus?

When a new customer signs up for the Solaire Rewards program online or through the Solaire Resort counter, the member will get a chance to win exciting prizes. This offer is for new members and will be available until December 31st, 2023.

After signing up, members will get a SPIN TO WIN game under the offers section in their account. Members can play this game to have a chance of winning Bonus Peso prizes.

What are fast lane tier upgrades?

Members will get a chance to upgrade their tiers through fast lane tier upgrade if they earn a minimum number of status points within 24 hours after signing up for a new account.

The minimum points criteria that a member will have to earn within 24 hours after signing up are given below.

Earn 50 Status Points – get upgraded to Gold Tier
Earn 150 Status Points – get upgraded to Platinum Tier
Earn 400 Status Points – get upgraded to Emerald Tier


Solaire Rewards is a great way to provide exclusive service and the best customer experience. Solaire Resorts has initiated this program to offer a more rewarding and fruitful entertainment experience to all customers.

Customers can take advantage of multiple benefits that the Solaire Rewards program offers. Customers can even multiply their benefits by upgrading to a higher tier status level.

We have shared how a new member can enroll in the Solaire Rewards program, and how to log in to the online account and check the Solaire Peso, tier level, and status points balance.

We have also shared the benefits, discounts, and new member offers. Please let us know your views or questions in the comment section below.

We hope that this article will solve your concerns but if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Finally, thanks for reading this article.

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