New Updated Venetian Rewards Program Coming in March 2024

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas is changing its Loyalty program ‘Grazie Rewards’ and introducing ‘Venetian Rewards’ as a new loyalty program from 1st March 2024.

All member’s accounts will be transferred from the old Grazie rewards account to the new Venetian Rewards account. The new reward programs aim to provide more benefits and a transparent rewards points and tier points earning and redeeming structure.

Members will also get new ways to earn points. The main point here is that members don’t need to do anything, all Grazie rewards accounts including the login credentials and rewards card will be transitioned into the Venetian Rewards program.

Members will be able to access their new accounts by using the same login credentials and they can also use the same card number.

Let’s check out the latest and updated information including…

  • How does the new Venetian Rewards program work?
  • What are the new changes that members will experience?
  • How do the new tiers, tier benefits, points earning, and redeeming criteria work?
  • What happened to Grazie Rewards’ remaining tier points and rewards points?
  • New features and benefits, etc.

Venetian Rewards Program (Previously Grazie Rewards)

Venetian Rewards is the revamped version of the Venetian Resort Las Vegas’s Grazie Rewards. It will replace the old Grazie rewards including the related key terms and will introduce the new rewards structure, tier statuses, points and tier credits earning criteria, points redeeming criteria, and more benefits and services for members.

Members will experience the new updated version and the key benefits which will be introduced in March 2024.

Members will earn points and tier credits on all spending including slot, table, poker, etc gaming activities, and dining restaurant, spa, etc non-gaming activities at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

If you are an existing Grazie Rewards member then there is no need to sign up again for the Venetian Rewards program. Your accounts will be automatically transitioned into the Venetian Rewards Program.

Let’s check out the key points and terminology that will be used in the Venetian Rewards program.

How Does the Venetian Rewards Program Work?

Venetian Rewards is a premier loyalty program where members get exciting benefits and services such as the best room rate, special events invitations, personalized offers, complimentary services, etc.

Similar to the old Grazie Rewards program, the Venetian Rewards will be a tier-based rewards program where new members will start from a basic level ‘Jade’ and move to a higher level by earning tier credits.

Venetian Tier Points:

Tier points will be earned as per the below criteria.

  • A $4 coin-in on slots earns 1 tier point.
  • A $10 coin-in on video poker earns 1 tier point.
  • Tier points on table games are calculated based on the Average Bet, Duration of Play, and Game Type.
  • A $1 non-gaming spend such as Hotel, Dining, Entertainment, Retail, or spa earns 2 points.

As you can see from the above tier earning criteria, non-gaming activities help members to earn tier points faster.

Members can not redeem their tier points and can not transfer to another account. Tier points are just to determine the member’s Tier status without any cash value.

Tier points will expire on the last day of the Tier year (March to February) i.e. the last day of February every year. On March 1st every year, members tier points will reset and become zero. Members need to earn tier points again to maintain their tier status.

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Venetian Rewards Points:

Members earn reward points on gaming and non-gaming activities at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas. These points come with a cash value that members can redeem for free play to play slot or video poker or for resort credit to use for hotel booking, dining, entertainment, spa, etc.

Rewards point earning criteria:

Members will earn reward points as per the below criteria.

ActivityWagered amountRewards points
Video Poker$101
Table gamesAverage bet and duration of table games2
Hotel, Dining, Entertainment, Retail & Spa$12

Now members will earn rewards points on every type of spending at casino locations including spending on Hotel, Dining, Entertainment, Retail & Spa. Rewards points have no expiry but if members do not earn any reward points within 12 months duration then all remaining reward points will expire.

Venetian Rewards Tier Status:

The Venetian rewards program offers four different tier statuses. All four statuses offer a few tier-specific services and benefits. Members at Diamond tier status will enjoy all the available perks, services, and benefits available in the Venetian Rewards program.

Each tier status requires members to earn a minimum number of tier points to achieve it. Once a member acquires the required tier points for a specific tier, all the benefits associated with that tier status are unlocked.

The criteria to determine the tier level are given in the below table.

Tier statusRequired tier points

In short…

  • Members having 0 – 2,999 Tier Points enjoy the Jade tier status.
  • Members having 3,000 – 19,999 Tier Points enjoy the Sapphire tier status.
  • Members having 20,000 – 49,999 Tier Points enjoy the Ruby tier status.
  • Members having 50,000 + Tier Points enjoy the Diamond tier status.

Venetian Rewards Card:

A Rewards card will be given to all new members when they join the Venetian Rewards membership. This rewards card is associated with a member’s account.

A rewards card is very important and must be used by a member every time while playing their favorite slot or table games or while dining, shopping at Venetian retail outlets, entertainment, etc.

Members’ casino and resort spending activity must be properly recorded through the Venetian Rewards Card to earn the rewards points and tier points.

Tier Year:

Tier Year or Tier points earning year in the Venetian Rewards is the one-year duration starting from March 1 and ends on the last day of February every year.

  • Tier points are valid for the tier year duration which is 1 year (March starting to February end).
  • During this 1 year, the total number of tier points a member earns determines the tier status of the member.
  • The new tier status will be unlocked on the same day when a member acquires the total number of required tier points.
  • Member will enjoy the new higher tier status for the rest of the days in the current year and for the complete next year.
  • Tier points will expire when the new tier year starts i.e. on 1st March every year.
  • Members need to earn tier points again to maintain their tier status.
  • If a member fails to earn to required tier points that their current tier status requires then the tier status will be downgraded.

New feature introduced in Venetian Rewards

The Venetian Rewards brings new ways to provide benefits and rewards to members. Some of the new features that Venetian Resort will introduce in their new loyalty program are mentioned below.

More transparency:

Now there will be more transparency in the slot earning calculations. Members will be able to see more clarity and a simple method to calculate the slot earnings. By easily checking their earning, members can take the required action to use those points as per their wish.

More benefits opportunities:

Now members will enjoy even more benefits after achieving new tiers such as golf outings, additional complimentary suite nights, etc. Extra rewarding opportunities make this program more exciting and members will engage more frequently.

Slot point multipliers:

Slot point multipliers are also introduced in the new Venetian Rewards. Now members will be able to earn more reward points by multiplying their earned reward points. It’s a great way to earn reward points at a faster pace.

Slot point multipliers depend on the current tier status of the member and will be calculated as follows. Members at higher tier status will earn reward points faster than members at lower tier status.

Let’s take an example by assuming 100 points as the member earning then members at different tiers will get different numbers of reward points after adding the slot multiplier points as shown in the table below.

Tier statusSlot multiplierPoints earnedFinal earning

You can see that the members at the Diamond level will finally get double reward points.

Resort wide Rewards:

Unlike the Grazie rewards, the Venetian rewards program has introduced new ways to earn rewards points and tier points.

Points earning facility is not just limited to casino spending, now members will earn rewards points and tier points on all resort spending including dining, entertainment, shopping, and more.

How Venetian Rewards Members Can Redeem Points?

There are two ways members can redeem their rewards points.

  1. For free slot play and video poker – Members can redeem 100 reward points for $1 resort credit.
  2. For dining, Spa, Entertainment, retail, and hotel – Members can redeem 100 rewards points for $1 free slot and video poker.

Point redemption value:

100 reward points have a $1 value. It means to earn $1, members need to spend $50 on Hotel, Dining, Entertainment, Retail & Spa, $400 on slots, and $1000 on video poker.

Members are getting the highest return on Hotel, Dining, Entertainment, Retail & Spa spending which is a 2% return on the member’s spending.

Slot and video poker are not providing good returns. Slots are giving 0.25% return and video poker is giving 0.1% return on initial spending.

We can not calculate the percentage of return on table games as the earning depends on the average bet and duration of play.

Point redemption value after considering the Slot multiplier:

If we consider the slot point multiplier also then members at higher tier status will get more returns on their spending than the members at lower tier status. To earn 100 points or $1 members at higher tiers will spend less than members at lower tiers as per the below calculation.

Tier statusSlot multiplierSpending to earn 100 PointsFinal return percentage

How do Members Achieve a Higher Tier Status in the Venetian Rewards Program?

Higher tier status will be awarded once a member earns the required number of tier points to achieve the next tier. As we have already shared above, members earn tier points on gaming as well as non-gaming activities at Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

Let’s take an example of gaming activities to calculate the approximate amount a member needs to spend to achieve a tier status.

As per our estimates…

  1. Jade:
    • All new members start from the Jade tier status. There are no minimum point criteria.
  2. Sapphire:
    • Players striving for the Sapphire tier status in Venetian Rewards should expect to wager approximately $12,000.00 on slot machines or $30,000.00 on video poker during a 1-year qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $4 played on the slot machine and $10 played on video poker, requiring players to reach the 3,000 tier point milestone for elevation to the Sapphire tier.
  3. Ruby:
    • Players striving for the Ruby tier status in Venetian Rewards should expect to wager approximately $80,000.00 on slot machines or $2,00,000.00 on video poker during a 1-year qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $4 played on the slot machine and $10 played on video poker, requiring players to reach the 20,000 tier point milestone for elevation to the Ruby tier.
  4. Diamond:
    • Players striving for the Diamond tier status in Venetian Rewards should expect to wager approximately $2,00,000.00 on slot machines or $5,00,000.00 on video poker during a 1-year qualifying period.
    • The criterion for advancement is earning 1 point for every $4 played on the slot machine and $10 played on video poker, requiring players to reach the 50,000 tier point milestone for elevation to the Diamond tier.

Note: This is just a rough calculation and the actual spending will be much less. There are other factors also that will reduce the required spending amount to reach a specific tier status.

  • Players can win also and they can again wager from the winning amount.
  • It will reduce the total spending required to achieve a specific tier.
  • We have also not considered table games as the exact earning depends on the average bet and game time.
  • Apart from the gaming, players will also earn tier points on non-gaming spending which further reduces the overall required spending.
  • Players will also earn extra points through a slot point multiplier.
  • Finally, players will likely spend less amount as we shared above in our calculation.

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Venetian Rewards Program Account Sign-Up and Login?

Note: Since the Venetian Rewards will be launched in March 2024, we will share the online membership sign-up, online account activation, account recovery, Venetian Rewards login, and a few other information in March when the new portal will be available. Currently, you will find all the online account-related processes for the Grazie rewards program including login, sign-up, activation, etc.

How to Join the Venetian Rewards Program?

Get access to all the perks, benefits, and exclusive services available to Venetian Rewards members by joining the program. there are different ways you can sign up for a Venetian Rewards membership.

1-Offline sign-up:

Customers can join the Venetian Rewards program by visiting anyone from the Venetian Las Vegas and Palazzo Casino locations. When you visit the casino destination, you can sign up through…

  • Grazie Rewards Desk
  • While playing Slots
  • While playing Table Games
  • Visiting Cage

At the Venetian Rewards desk, ask the concerned person to make you a member of the Venetian Rewards program. Please take a valid government-issued identity proof with you.

Your membership will be approved on the same day after the identity verification and you will also get your Venetian Rewards Card.

2-Online sign-up:

An online sign-up facility is also available and customers can register for the Venetian Rewards membership through the official website.

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the Grazie rewards online sign-up page.
  2. Fill out the online sign-up form.
  3. Please ensure that all the information is correct and matches with your government-issued documents.
  4. Your name, address, mobile number, email address, and date of birth must be accurate.
  5. Submit this registration form.

After that, you will have to verify your identity. You can follow the on-screen instructions on how the identity verification works.

After the verification, you can collect your Venetian rewards card.

3-Sign-up through customer service:

Ask to join through our call center at 866.659.9643

How can I get my Venetian Rewards card?

After the membership sign-up, members can visit the Venetian Rewards Desks located on The Venetian and The Palazzo casino floors and collect their Venetian Rewards card.

The desk on The Venetian casino floor is located near the poker room, and the desk on The Palazzo casino floor is located next to the casino cage.

Venetian Rewards Online Account Activation:

Once you become a member of the Venetian Rewards program, you can start enjoying your membership benefits. You can use your rewards card to get access to all the benefits and exclusive services.

If members have signed up for the Venetian Rewards by visiting the Venetian casino or Palazzo casino destination then members can also activate their online account which offers more useful services and exclusive benefits as mentioned below.

  • Keep track of your rewards points, tier points, and tier status 24/7.
  • View and update your updating personal information.
  • Get access to your exclusive Grazie Rewards offers online.
  • Book a stay through your Venetian rewards account.
  • View your tax statement and other account information.

Members can follow the below steps to activate their online account. You will have to authenticate your identity before creating an online Grazie account.

  1. Visit the Grazie Rewards Activation web page.
  2. Enter your Grazie Rewards Account Number and PIN.
  3. Press the Continue button.
  4. Authenticate your identity with the help of the on-screen instructions.
  5. After the authentication, you can create your online profile including a new password.
  6. After the account activation, you can log in to your account and access all online features and services.

Venetian Rewards Program Login

After signing up for the Vebetian rewards membership and activating the online account, members can access their account 24/7 through the official website.

To log in, visit the Venetian Rewards login page, enter your email address and password, and click the Login button. You will get instant access to your online Venetian rewards account.

To make it more simple, we are sharing a few login steps below. Please check.

  1. Visit the Venetian Resort Las Vegas website.
  2. Click the Login link on the top right side of the website.
  3. A login form will appear on the screen.
  4. Enter your email address and password associated with your Grazie rewards account.
  5. Press the Login button.

You have successfully logged into your account and will be directed to your account dashboard page.

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Venetian Rewards Benefits

Now members will get more benefits and member-specific exclusive services related to Dining, Entertainment, Hotel, Retail, Gaming, etc in the new revamped Venetian loyalty program. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below.

Gaming benefits: Members can earn and redeem rewards points for the slot, poker, and table games and are also eligible for a slot point multiplier.

Hotel benefits: Several Hotel benefits including discounted rates, personalized offers, the facility to earn and redeem reward points, complimentary suit night, suit upgrade, early check-in, late check-out, VIP benefits, etc are available for members.

Dining benefits: Yearly dining credit and facility to earn and redeem reward points for restaurants and bars.

Parking: Parking benefits include complimentary self-parking, valet parking, etc.

Apart from the above, members will get the choice of benefits for airfare

Exclusive discounts: Member-only discounts for a few services are mentioned below.

Retail outlet discount:

Members will get discounts on their retail spend at the Venetian Resort destination. Discounts will be based on the member’s current tier as shown below.

Let’s take an example of 1000$ spending at a retail outlet.

Tier levelDiscount at Venetian retail outletSpending amountDiscount amountFinal price

Discount on Canyon Ranch Spa + Fitness Center:

Let’s take an example of $1000 spent at Canyon Ranch Spa + Fitness Center.

Tier levelCanyon Ranch Spa + Fitness CenterSpending amountDiscount amountFinal price

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Venetian Rewards Customer Service

For any type of assistance, please call the customer service phone number 1-877-247-2943 or send an email to [email protected].

Venetian Rewards Program Summary:

Name of the loyalty programVenetian Rewards
Offered byThe Venetia Resort Las Vegas
Account Access ModeOnline
Mobile appNot available
Number of tiers4
Entry level tierJade
Highest tierDiamond
BeneficiaryAll eligible Venetian Resort Las Vegas customers
ObjectiveTo provide enhanced benefits, services, and rewards to customers and improve their casino experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of Joining the Venetian Rewards Program?

There is no cost to join the Venetian rewards program. It is completely free to join and available for all 21 years or older customers who have a valid government-issued identity proof for age verification.

How can I check my Point Balance?

There are two ways to check your point balance including tier points and rewards points.

1-Through in-person visit ant Venetian destination – Visit the Venetian Rewards desk at Venetian Resort or Palazzo casino and check your points balance through your Venetian Rewards card.

Members can also check their point balance by inserting their rewards card into a slot machine or Video Poker Machine with the iView Screen.

2-Through online account – Log in to your Venetian Rewards online account and check your point balance, tier status, and other related information.

What is the validity of Rewards points and tier points?

There is an expiry period for Venetian Tier points. All tier points will expire at the end of the tier year which is February end. On 1st March every year, members tier points will start from zero.

Members’ reward points have no expiry and are valid for a lifetime as long as members earn at least one reward point during 12 months.

All reward points will expire if a member fails to earn a single reward point for 12 months.

How can I update my personal information?

Members can update their personal information including their address, email, phone number, etc by logging into their Venetian rewards account.

Just visit the Grazie Rewards Login page, log in to your account, and visit your profile section. You can view your personal information and update incorrect information.

Another way to update the personal information is by visiting the Venetian Rewards Desk in person. Don’t forget to bring your identity proof with you.

How can I reset my Venetian Rewards account password?

Venetian Rewards members can reset their account password by using the self-service password reset facility available for all members.

The below steps will be useful.

-Visit the Grazie Rewards Login page.
-Click the Forgot Password link on the login page.
-Enter your email address in the password reset form and press the Submit button.
-You will receive an email on the registered email address including a password reset link.
-Open your inbox, click the password reset link, and create a new password.
-After setting up the new password, you can log in again to your Venetian rewards account.


The new Venetian rewards program has been designed in a way to offer more rewards, new ways to earn points, and extra exclusive services to all members. Now customers have more reasons to join the new revamped Venetian rewards program.

Members will be able to save more by spending at Casino and non-casino activities. Now all types of spending whether it is on playing games or dining, entertainment, spa, etc will make members’ casino experience more exciting and engaging.

We have shared all the important information related to the new Rewards program that Venetian Resort will launch in March 2024. We will also update this article by adding more relevant information after the official launch on 1st March 2024.

Members can take help of the tier points and rewards point earning and spending related information and their calculation. We have also shared how to become a new member and create and online account, log in to your account, and recover your online account.

Finally, thanks for visiting our website and reading this article. We hope that the information available in this article will help Venetian Resort customers find any relevant information that they are looking for.

If there are any further questions or you want to share your views then use the comment section below.

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