MGM Okta Virtual Roster Login 2024: Employee Schedule, ESS

MGM Virtual Roster is the workforce management software MGM Resorts is using to manage its employees. MGM Resorts is also using the Okta identity and access management solution.

Both MGM Okta and Virtua Roster help MGM Resorts employees access different services and information such as employee schedules, attendance, time, reports, etc through a secure connection.

In this article, you will find…

  • What is MGM Virtual Roster and its services?
  • What is My MGM OKTA login?
  • How MGM Resorts employees can log in to their accounts?
  • How employees can recover and troubleshoot their accounts?
  • How employees can view their schedules and access other services?
  • What are the benefits of Okta integration with MGM Virtual Roster?

What is My MGM OKTA Login?

My MGM Okta login is a single one-stop login solution for all MGM Resorts applications.

It is implemented by Okta and all employees have a single My MGM login credential to access multiple application accounts such as scheduling, Login, Employee Self Service (ESS), MGM Workday Login, MGM Rewards Program login, etc.

All new MGM Resorts employee got an email including their Okta account activation-related information.

Employees must activate their accounts to access all employee-related applications and information. Please check your official email account for the activation email.

Once you find the email, click the “activate your account” and create a new password for your My MGM Okta account. There is no need to create a new account by visiting the Okta website.

If you do not receive any activation email then please contact your IT administrator.

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What is the MGM Virtual Roster?

Virtual Roster is an Employee Self service portal developed for the employees of MGM Resorts International. It solves today’s complex scheduling-related issues in Casinos where thousands of employees having different skill sets are working in different shifts.

Virtual Roster also manages the different employee activities such as shift swaps, online leave requests, shift changes, etc, and improves the communication system.

Now there is no need to request information every time, all the essential information and services are available to employees through the Virtual Roster self-service account.

Employees can access this portal with the help of their login credentials and access important services such as their schedule, Time Off requests, balances, edit personal details, set up their preferences, etc.

Virtual Roster is developed by Digital Instinct Pty. Limited and acquired by UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group).

MGM Okta Virtual Roster Login – My MGM

After Okta account activation, you can access your Virtual Roster applications with the help of the below steps.

To log in, visit the MGM Virtual Roster Single Sign On login page at, enter your username, and press the Next button. Enter your password and access your account.

MG Resorts employees can follow the below-mentioned simple steps.

  1. Visit the Okta Login Page of MGM Resorts.
  2. Enter Your Login Credentials
  3. Access Your Okta Account.

Let’s check out the details of each step.

Step 1. Visit the Okta Login Page of MGM Resorts.

The first step is to visit the official login page that is given to MGM Resorts by Okta. Okta generally provides an URL to access the Okta account.

In the case of MGM Resorts, Okta has provided the web page. Click this link to open the login page (as shown below)

MGM Resorts International Okta login page

Step 2. Enter Your Login Credentials

All employees who have already activated their accounts must have their login credentials. Enter your username in this login form and click the Next button.

A security image will appear on the screen that you will have to verify.

Step 3. Access Your Okta Account.

On the next page, enter your password and click the Sign In button to access your Employee ESS account.

After logging in, you will be directed to your Okta dashboard page.

How to log in to Different MGM Virtual Roster Applications?

Okta offers a single login facility to access all applications MGM Resorts is using.

It also includes applications offered by Virtual Roster such as employee scheduling, time and attendance, employee self-service, etc.

On the MGM Resorts Okta dashboard page, employees will find links to all applications. Just click on any application and you will be automatically logged in to your account.

There is no need to enter your login credentials to access any MGM Resorts application.

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How to Reset MyMGM Okta Account Password?

Employees can reset their password in cases they are not able to log in and get the wrong password error or if their account is locked due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts.

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the MGM Resorts Okta login page.
  2. Click the Locked Account link on the Okta login page.
  3. On the next page, enter your username and click the Select button.
MGM Resorts Okta account recovery page
  1. After that, click the “Send me an email” button.
  2. You will receive an email including a link and a security code.
  3. Click the password reset link to enter the security code.
  4. After that, create a new password for your account.

MGM Virtual Roster Scheduling Login

MGM Resorts International is using the Virtual Roster Scheduling software to manage schedules of around 83,000 employees.

As shared earlier, employees can access their scheduling application by clicking the application link after logging into their Okta dashboard page.

Employees can also login to their scheduling account directly with the help of the below steps.

It allows employees to access their ESS scheduling and manage their upcoming schedules.

Please check the below steps.

  1. Visit the official Virtual Roster Scheduling page
  2. It will direct employees to the MY VR Okta login page (as shown below).
MGM Resorts MY VR Okta login page
  1. Enter your Okta login credentials.
  2. You will be logged in to your account.
  3. After login, you will be redirected directly to the MyVR Employees ESS page.

You can now check your schedule shared with you by your manager.

Okta MGM Employee Sign In without access to login URL

Okta provides a unique login URL to all the organizations Okta has partnered. This login URL is a gateway to access all the applications of the organization.

Generally, the login page is accessible through a login URL “”.

Employees also get an account activation email including a link to activate the account and a link to the login page.

Employees can also speak to the IT administration or the department of their organization and ask them for the correct Okta login URL.

Octa also has an online service where anyone can check out the login URL for their organization.

If you are an MGM Resorts employee, please follow the below steps

  1. Visit the Okta login page at page
  1. Enter your company name (MGMResorts) in the first part and select in the second part.
  2. Click the Next button.
  3. You will be directed to the MGM Resorts Okta Powered login page.
  4. Enter your username and click the Next button.
  5. Enter your password and access your employee account.

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MGM Resorts App Login

Okta mobile app is available on the Google Play and App Store. All MGM Resorts employees can download the Okta app and access all MGM applications including the Virtual Roster applications from a single mobile dashboard page.

Please note that you can use the Okta app only if MGM Resorts has enabled Okta Mobility Management (OMM). Once you open the Okta app, you will be prompted to enroll in OMM to enable secure communication.

Please download the mobile app through the below links.

PlatformDownload linkCurrent version
AndroidClick here4.24.1
iOSClick here6.30.0

MGM Resorts Applications powered by Okta Login

There are many applications MGM Resorts employees can access through their Okta Login. Please have a look below.

M Life loyalty program:

MGM Resorts Loyalty programs are accessible through its identity platform which is powered by an Okta login.

It is available for millions of customers who have enrolled in the rewards program MGM Resorts offers.

MLifeInsider program:

M Life Insider program is available for all employees and helps them improve employee engagement and encourages them to participate in different engagement activities.

HR applications:

Most of the applications the HR department is using are now available through cloud service and a single Okta login.

Some important applications such as Workday, Cornerstone OnDemand, and NeoCase are available through one identity solution.

Mobile access:

Since all the employees are using a smartphone that’s why the Okta platform service has been extended to smartphone devices also.

Virtual Roster Applications:

Virtual Roster applications are also available through Okta login. Some of the important applications are mentioned below.

  • Scheduling Module
  • Time and Attendance
  • Workforce Analytics
  • PIT Manager

MGM Okta Virtual Roster Login Benefits

MGM Resorts employees will get the below benefits.

Employee scheduling:
MGM Resorts employees got an easy and effective scheduling service through the virtual roster software. It supports intelligent scheduling that allocates employees to the right assignment at the right time with the help of the stored data.

It also helps HR managers to streamline daily operations. MGM Resorts HR managers can also take advantage of the Auto Roster facility available to them. It allows managers to generate optimized schedules based on the data stored in MGM Virtual Roster.

Now MGM Resorts Human Resources and other assigned teams can easily generate a best-fit schedule to help MGM Resorts smoothly operate daily operations.

Online Leave Requests:
All employees of MGM Resorts got the facility to submit their leave requests directly through their ESS accounts. Employees can log in and apply for leave.

If automatic leave is enabled then the leave will be granted as per the leave quota set by the MGM Resorts HR team. HR managers at MGM Resorts can also manually approve the leaves.

Leave-related data and reports are also available to make intelligent decisions related to employee schedules and keep your business fully operational.

Time Manager:
MGM Employees can clock in and clock out and all the data is synced with the time & attendance module on a real-time basis. MGM Resorts HR managers can easily make their payroll by using leave data.

Higher availability rate:
MGM Employees are less likely to miss their tasks due to the easy access to their schedules. It helps the employee to arrive for their shifts at MGM Resorts at the right time.

Data Analytics:
Virtual Roster can collect MGM Resorts employee data related to attendance, performance, leaves, scheduling, etc. This data helps with performance evaluation and further decision-making of MGM employees.

Real-Time Updates:
The virtual roster shares real-time updates related to the MGM Resorts employee schedules. It helps with any delay and assigns resources to the right tasks at the right time.

Reduced Administrative Work:
Automatic scheduling of MGM Resorts employees minimizes human intervention and reduces administrative work so that other tasks can be done on a priority basis.

Enhanced Productivity:
If MGM Resorts employees have all the necessary information related to their schedules, time management, leave management, etc then they can focus more on other productive works instead of trying access to the latest update.

It helps improve, employee efficiency and productivity.

Shift Swapping:

After logging in, employees can click the Swift Swaps link in the top menu and choose their department. The InTouch Clocks in the new version can record swipes even without specifying a department. 

Now all manual sfifts events will also be recorded. Employees having MyVR access can search for the employees to swap shifts with by entering their names. 

After selecting an employee, all shifts of that employee will be displayed for shift swapping. Employees can also check their noticeboard in the top menu to find if the manager has posted any shift swap offers.

Benefits of MGM Resorts Okta Login Integration

Okta offers a variety of benefits to MGM Resorts employees. Please have a look below.

Enhanced Security:

Okta identity and access management offers high security and prevents any unauthorized access to employees’ accounts.

Single Sign-On (SSO):

Okta SS service offers a single login facility to MGM Resorts employees and allows them to access all the MGM Resorts applications through a centralized user dashboard page.

After login, users will get links to all applications on their dashboard page.

Self-Service facility:

Okta offers a self-service facility to MGM Resorts employees. Employees can use these self-service features to manage their accounts such as password resetting, unlocking their accounts, editing and updating their profiles, etc.

Integration with Existing Systems:

Okta offers a seamless integration facility with existing systems. MGM Resorts has already integrated several applications such as WORKDAY, M LIfe Loyalty program, Virtual Roster, etc with Okta.


Okta’s cloud-based architecture allows MGM Resort to scale up the current Okta system and include more applications as and whenever required. Initially, Okta was integrated with the HR applications of MGM Resorts.

Later all employee-related applications were integrated with Okta. After the successful implementation, MGM Resorts’ loyalty program M Life was also integrated with the Okta system to provide enhanced security to millions of customers.

Mobile Access:

Okta also helps MGM Resorts employees by securing their smartphones so that they can access MGM Resorts applications through their smartphones at any time.

MGM Resorts

MG Resorts is one of the world’s leading gaming, entertainment, and casino companies that has a presence in 20+ locations worldwide.

It offers best-in-class entertainment locations, conference rooms, casino gaming, restaurants, retail locations, etc.

MGM Resorts was started in 1960 by one hotel and currently has 31 hotels in its portfolio.

Popular destination brands such as the Bellagio, MGM Grand, and The Mirage also come under MGM Resorts name.

MGM Resorts manages an extensive and complex IT infrastructure and software system that includes personal devices such as smartphones, corporate machines, personal devices, and cloud applications such as Workday, NeoCase, etc.

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MGM Virtual Roster Employee Helpline

All employees who are experiencing any issues while logging in to the MyVR self-service account can speak to the IT department of MGM Resorts.

The IT administrator gets all the essential training, resources, and tools and will assist employees in accessing their Virtual Roster ESS accounts. Employees will also get the login URL of the self-service platform.

Important links:

MGM Resorts websiteMy MGM login
MGM Resorts Okta LoginMGM Resorts Scheduling Login
Okta Login PageMGM Rewards Login
MGM Resorts Workday LoginMLifeInsider Okta Login

MGM Okta Virtual Roster Summary:

Name of the PortalMy MGM
Employee Service ProviderVirtual Roster
IAM providerOkta
Access ModeOnline
BeneficiaryAll employees of MGM Resorts International
ObjectiveTo provide ESS services to all MGM Resorts employees

Frequently asked questions

How can I access My MGM Workday login portal?

MGM Workday portal is also using the Okta login to provide a login facility to employees. Employees can check the detailed information on the My MGM Workday page. Employees will be redirected to an Okta-powered login page.

Employees can use their Okta login credentials to access their Workday account. After login, employees can view what are the latest job opportunities available for them and they can also apply for any job.

What are the benefits of using Okta?

Okta is an on-demand SSO login provider and helps the MGM Resorts team to connect all the devices, and the applications employees are using and make them accessible through a single, cloud-based identity platform.

How can I log in to the MGM Rewards loyalty program?

Users can log in to their MGM Rewards accounts by directly visiting the official website. Please follow the below steps.

i-visit the official website
ii-click the ‘Sign in or join‘ link on the top right side.
iii-on the next page, enter your registered email address and press the Next button.
iv-Enter your password on the next page and click the Sign In button.

You will be redirected to your MGM Rewards dashboard page.

For more details, visit the MGM Rewards loyalty program web page. Members can also check the MGM Rewards Gold, Pearl, Platinum Tier Benefits.

How to log in to the MLifeInsider program by MGM Resorts?

The M Life Insider program by MGM Resorts promotes employee engagement and helps them by providing different types of benefits and opportunities to participate in different activity programs.

The MLife Insider account is also powered by Okta SSO. Employees can visit the official MLifeInsider webpage and access their accounts by entering their Okta login credentials.

How can I log in to my MGM Mastercard account?

MGM Resorts offers a credit card program to its customers. First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) issues MGM Mastercard to all eligible customers.

If you also want to apply then please visit the MGM Rewards Mastercard web page and check the online application process and benefits and review.


To sum up, MGM Resorts has done a great job by providing access to all essential tools and services to employees which in turn helps MGM Resorts to improve overall productivity and employee efficiency.

By onboarding Okta SSO, MGM Resorts has safeguarded all the application and employee data through advanced security implementation by the Okta team.

Now employees have all the information they need at their fingertips as all the applications are also available on mobile devices. Employees can now focus on their work instead of logging in to multiple applications.

All applications including the My MGM Virtual Roster applications such as MyVR ESS portal, a Scheduling application, etc are also available anytime anywhere, and help MGM Resorts employees to efficiently complete their tasks.

Finally, thanks for visiting this website and reading this article till the end. We also request you to share this article if you find it helpful.

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